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Medicines May Soon Contain Cow Urine

Cow urine, a major component of traditional Indian medicine, may soon be used in therapeutic applications. A study has shown that cattle urine has anti-diabetic properties.


In a first, researchers of pharmacology and toxicology department, Veterinary College, Hebbal, are conducting a study on ‘pharmacological and therapeutic evaluation of cattle urine’. In the first year of study, cow urine, which has traditionally been used only in clinical applications, has shown anti-diabetic properties.

The anti-diabetic activity was tested in experimentally induced diabetic rats. The rats were orally administered a small dose of cow urine daily (equivalent to 25-30 ml per adult human). It was noticed that the urine-treated rats had lower blood glucose levels when compared to non-treated diabetic rats. Plasma insulin levels were also higher.

Principal investigator of the project, professor K Jayakumar, told The Times of India this is an important finding, and future efforts will look to confirm these studies, find out the mechanism of this activity, purify and isolate the active molecule. Studies are also on to find other medicinal uses of cow urine.

Jayakumar said it has to be investigated whether cow urine stimulated pancreatic beta cells, as in the case of anti-diabetic agents available in the market, or stimulated the cells’ regeneration.

The research follows methods employed in drug discovery by the modern pharmaceutical industry. The project, funded by the state government, will receive allocation of Rs 4.2 crore over five years.

According to Jayakumar, there has been no scientific investigation on cow urine so far, though, from ancient times, it is commonly used to prevent and cure diseases. Healers use it and cow urine products are also available in the market.

This research will look into the pharmacological action and safety of long-term concepts. There are also plans to patent the pharmacologically active (medicinally useful) molecules. After completion of cow urine research, the facilities created for plant drug research for both human and animal use would be put to use.

The department is also upgrading the lab and procuring advanced equipment.

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Sources: The Times Of India

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