Why Do Our Eyelids Sometimes Twitch?

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This irritating phenomenon, affecting millions of people, is not a serious condition for most. It is an involuntary muscle spasm around the eyelid, associated with an abnormal function of the “basal ganglion”, the brain area responsible for controlling the muscles.


Eye twitching may be nothing more than a sign that you need to take it easy, as much as it may be a sign that something is very wrong. Some also believe that eye twitching is hereditary, running in families.

Why only the eyelid? Our bodies are remarkable machines, at times capable of doing unusual things. Muscle spasms can occur in other places as well including the facial area. Hemifacial spasm is a muscle spasm of a side of a face including the eyelids. Myokymia is not a twitch but more of a slow muscle contraction. Essential Blepharospasm is more of the quick muscle contractions, or twitching of the eyelid area.

Normal eye twitching will usually go away, but taking a few steps often helps reduce the eye twitches altogether. First, if you are seriously stressed, invest in some stress management techniques. The next key tip is to prevent over-fatigue and lack of sleep. Those toss-and-turn nights make us extra tired. Thus trying to get to bed early or taking a nap after a long night can help. To prevent fatigue, just don’t overdo it. Minimising caffeine intake can also help reducing the restless nights and extra tiring days. Some people find eye twitching a result of nothing more than anxiety. So, keep anxiety at bay.

If these don’t help, you should see a doctor as the condition could lead to other serious problems. There are treatment options like surgery and botox injections but coping with it the natural way is preferable.

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Sources: The Telegraph (Kolkata, India)

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