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Acupuncture Can Give You a Lift Without Facing the Knife

A face full of needles may not be your idea of spa heaven. Yet as more and more of us seek natural alternatives to lasers and Botox, cosmetic acupuncture could well become the new “facelift” of choice.

They are tiny needles, and Most people really don’t feel them go in at all.

The treatment begins with cleansing. Then the needles go in: first a couple in the legs, which stings a little, then one on the belly. Still manageable. Then the face. This feels like red ant bites along the jaw, brows, smile lines and crow’s feet. Ouch. Jimenez, calm and efficient, expresses surprise at your low pain threshold and – perhaps because you are beginning to beg for mercy – the acupunture specialist stops at 12 needles (normally you would get about 14 in the face). Once in, they are, indeed, painless.
Point of the exercise: a half-hour relaxing with up to 14 needles in your face can help boost your skin tone and make you look younger

Cosmetic acupunture
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The pros

# Not a syringe, scalpel or laser in sight.
# Relaxing and holistic: your overall health really matters.
# Nurturing: Gemma Jimenez is sympathetic and kind DResults: it really does seem to make a short-term difference.

The cons

# Time consuming: initially you need sessions two to three times a week, then once every three weeks for maintenance.
# Ouch: the needles can smart.
# Pricey: over a lifetime, on a purely cost basis, you might be better off with a scalpel.

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