75 Ways to Think Your Way Into Good Health

Health isn’t just about working out and eating right. The way you think and feel can have a big impact on your health as well. Here are some ways that you can use your brainpower to make you happier, healthier and more fulfilled every day.


1. Get out negative emotions.
2. Try hypnotism.
3. Realize change is possible.
4. Think about things that energize you.
5. Imagine yourself aging more slowly.
6. Feel in control.
7. Embrace your faith.
8. Trust in yourself.
9. Be honest.
10. Live consciously.
11. Accept what comes your way.
12. Forgive yourself.

Dealing With Stress

Stress can have a big effect on physical and mental health. Here are some ways to think yourself free of it.

13. Meditate regularly.
14. Relax and let stress go.
15. Think about each breath.
16. Control your thoughts at bedtime.
17. Prepare mentally for bed.
18. Revise your dreams.
19. Concentrate on each muscle individually.
20. Allow yourself to daydream.
21. Stop worrying.
22. Set aside time to think.
23. Write in a journal.
24. Use color to control your thinking.

Illness and Disease

If are you are faced with potential illness or disease here are some ways you can use the power of your brain to improve your chances of recovery.

25. Don’t think about the pain.
26. Concentrate on getting better.
27. Believe in your treatments.
28. Imagine you have a strong immune system.
29. Picture your body fighting off infections.
30. Listen to your body.
31. Find a positive and friendly doctor.
32. Believe in miracles.
33. Don’t fear treatments.
34. Relax to save your gums.
35. Tell yourself you will get pregnant.
36. Take time to deal with negative things.
37. Stop thinking of yourself as a sick person.
38. Don’t milk injuries.
39. Understand that sometimes it’s all in the mind.
40. Don’t expect pain.
41. Don’t place blame for illness.

Emotional Health

A big part of your overall health is your happiness. Here are some ways you can boost your mental outlook just by changing your thoughts.

42. Concentrate on happiness.
43. Focus on positive aspects.
44. Start each day with optimism.
45. Smile.
46. Change your inner dialogue.
47. Reverse thoughts.
48. Give yourself compliments.
49. Use positive words in your thoughts.
50. Put positive energy out there.
51. Expect the best.
52. Think of happy memories.
53. Be friendly to yourself and others.


Help yourself stick to a healthy diet with these mental exercises.

54. Control your cravings.
55. Actively remember your last meal.
56. Concentrate on food while eating.
57. Visualize yourself as slimmer.
58. Understand your hunger.
59. Don’t beat yourself up.
60. Reward yourself mentally.


Meet your fitness goals by changing your mindset with these suggestions.

61. Think about exercise.
62. Get into the right frame of mind.
63. Think of yourself as healthy.
64. Make it a game.
65. Think of exercise as fun.
66. Envision the negative effects of your bad habits.
67. Celebrate small victories.
68. Think of your body differently.

Personal Development

Help yourself meet your own goals and be happier and healthier overall with these mental tricks.

69. Visualize yourself meeting goals.
70. Downplay cynicism, ill will and envy.
71. Remind yourself of your successes.
72. Visualize the future.
73. Think about what means most to you.
74. Make your goals realistic.
75. Fake it until you make it.

For more details about these techniques, and the studies that support them, click the link below.

Sources: June 25, 2008

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