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Split Fingernails (Onychoschizia )

Onychoschizia or splitting of the fingernails is one of the most common problems that the dermatologist sees. The term onychoschizia includes splitting, frail, soft or thin nails and nails with ridges. Onychoschizia is more common in women.

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*Split fingernails are typically a result of repetitive or prolonged contact with water — think dishwashing and tub baths, for example.

*Repetitive and prolonged wetting and drying of the fingernails is the single most common cause of splitting and ridging of the nails.

*Splitting of the nails is rarely caused by internal disease or vitamin deficiency.

*Nail polish remover causes onychoschizia.

*Trauma to the fingers contributes to onychoschizia.

*Split fingernails usually aren’t a sign of vitamin, mineral or other nutritional deficiencies.

Some expart says that Main causes of finger nails to crack peel and break is due to the deficiency of calcium and the content of floride intake. The floride will enter into the body due to unsafe,unsanitized water.and lack of vitamin deficiency is also one reason.

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*To prevent split fingernails, treat your nails gently.

*The best treatment is to avoid repeated wetting and drying of the nails. Try to wear cotton lined rubber gloves when performing household chores that involve getting the hands wet.

*Rub lotions containing alpha-hydroxy acids such as Neostrata or lanolin containing lotions such as Elon into the nails both before and after getting the hands wet.

*Watch people who have beautiful nails. Notice how they use their hands or finger pads to do simple chores rather than use their nails.

*Never dial a phone with the nail tips; use a pencil. Nails should never be used as tools.

*Get in the habit of using your fingers as if they have wet polish on them.

*If you can’t avoid trauma to the nail tips, keep the nails cut short.

*Wear cotton-lined rubber gloves when using soap and water for prolonged periods or when using harsh chemicals.

*Avoid long soaks in the tub.

*Always wear gloves during cold weather and when you do chores which may traumatize the nail tips.

*Never peel or scrape off nail polish.

*Repair fingernail splits or tears with nail glue or clear polish.

*Shape and file the nails with a very fine file and round the tips in a gentle curve. Daily filing of snags or irregularities helps to prevent further breakage or splitting. Never use metal instruments on the nail surface to push back the cuticle because this scrapes away the microscopic protective cells of the nail surface.

*When (and if) the nails are “buffed,” do this in the same direction as the nail grows and not in a “back and forth” motion because this can cause nail splitting.

*Nail polish can protect the nail surface. The almost daily application of a “top coat” will keep the nail tips protected.

*Nail polishes with nylon fibers in them may add strength and protection to fragile nails. Use nail polish remover as infrequently as possible because it dries out the nails.

*Limit manicures.

*Use nail polish remover no more than twice a month. If you polish your nails, touch up the polish in the meantime. When you do use nail polish remover, avoid those that contain acetone.

*Rub moisturizing lotion into your fingernails after washing your hands and after removing nail polish.

*Keep your fingernails neatly trimmed. Round the tips in a gentle curve.

*One study has shown that biotin (a vitamin) 2.5 mg a day taken by mouth is beneficial. Do not do this if you are pregnant.

*Some patients are convinced that one pack of Knox Gelatin mixed with orange juice and taken by mouth each day will restore nails to a youthful state. There is no scientific data that supports the use of unflavored gelatin to strengthen nails.

*Taking colloidal minerals and a multivitamin each day has been shown to increase the speed of nail growth which in turn leads to healthier nails.

Some more recommendations for preventing and treating split nails:
*Short nails are less likely to suffer damage than long nails.
*Wear gloves when performing tasks that may damage the nails.
*Wear nail polish, including nail polish with fibers that strengthen the nails.
*Use wooden instruments, rather than metal, to push back the cuticle.
*Keep nail tips rounded to a smooth curve.
*Some supplements, including gelatin, certain vitamins and minerals may help nails grow faster and stronger.

*Stop Nail Biting….

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Disclaimer: This information is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advise or help. It is always best to consult with a Physician about serious health concerns. This information is in no way intended to diagnose or prescribe remedies.This is purely for educational purpose


Onychoschizia is Splitting of the Fingernails

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3 replies on “Split Fingernails (Onychoschizia )”

I have medium length fingernails of which one index finger has a permanent split from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. I have had this split for last 8 years or so, i also experienced 2 fungal infections to that particular nail over the years, one of which I did lose the whole nail. I now tend to be careful with my hands and nails and apply hand and moisture lotion to the nails and nailbeds as well. However I do keep an antifungal solution that I keep in case I should see a start of an infection occurring again. I also rub OLIVE OIL 2 to 3 times a week on cuticle and nails and leave it soak in for awhile or the next day. I will then appy CLEAR polish or a topcoat. I foound out this seems to be taking better care of my nails, but did cure the split, any how good luck…but I have found out that OLIVE OIL is great for a million things!

Using the olive oil on nails for the split nail (mine does the same) how long before you noticed the improvement?

Jojoba oil actually penetrates the nail and conditions the nails and not just the cuticles. Every time you get your hands wet, dry your hands and reapply the jojoba oil. Then keep your nails protected by polish.

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