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Now, a Bandage for Bypass Surgery

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Scientists have designed what they claim is a bandage which could be used for wrapping around a transplanted blood vessel for the first few hours or days after surgery.

Heart bypass surgery involves transplanting arteries or veins from elsewhere in the body to route blood around the partially blocked areas of the coronary vessels which actually supply heart muscle.

However, a significant number of bypasses fail as the walls of the transplanted arteries get thickened, restricting blood flow, which surgeons believe happens due to the stress of being transplanted and suddenly having to handle altogether a different blood pressure and flow rate.

Now, a team at biopharmaceutical giant Geron has developed the biodegradable polymer bandage which they claim could take the strain for the first few days after surgery, according to a report in the ‘New Scientist‘.

And, the good news is that tests on pigs have revealed that the bandage works and can very well prevent the dangerous stress response after a bypass.

“The US scientists tested the bandage on animals. But we need to see whether it works on humans. And, if successful, it could be a boon for bypass surgery patients not only in the US but also in India and across the globe,” India-based doctor SK Dasgupta said.

The pharma company has filed a patent application for the polymer bandage.

Sources: The Times Of India

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