Snorers ‘Burn More Calories at Rest’

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Believe it or not, snorers burn more calories than non-snorers, even at rest.
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A new study has revealed that heavy snoring help burn calories and, in fact, the more severe one’s snoring the more calories one regularly burns even while one’s awake, reported the ‘Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery‘ journal.

According to researchers, the increased activity in a sufferer’s nervous system caused by their snoring could be the reason behind the findings.

The researchers have based their findings on analysis of 212 patients, all of whom snored or had related conditions including sleep apnoea, a disorder in which sufferers actually make snoring noises and stop breathing momentarily during the sleep as their airways close over.

Those who suffered from the most serious snoring problems expended around 2,000 calories while resting every day, while those who tended to snore lightly and less often burned an average of 1,626 calories a day resting, they found.

And, according to the researchers, resting energy expenditure may be affected by increased reactions in nervous system caused by snoring and snoring-related disorders.

However, they have strictly warned that snoring could cause other problems, which could make sufferers gain weight, despite the fact that they are expending more calories while at rest.

Lead researcher Eric J Kezirian of the University of California was quoted by ‘The Daily Telegraph‘ as saying: “First, sleep-disordered breathing often results in fatigue and other (changes) in daytime functioning that can limit physical activity.

“Second this (study) does not specifically incorporate the emerging evidence that suggests sleep-disordered breathing may alter energy intake, whether through hormonal or other mechanisms.”

Sources:The Times Of India

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