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Happiness is the best option to mentain a good health all along your life:-


Imagine living in a world where we are each in charge of our own health. Where disease doesn’t have the power to take over our bodies without our permission. Current research is showing us that this is indeed the case, if we’d only believe it to be so!

Many of us have taken on a 19th century view of how the body works. We tend to see our bodies as separate from our minds and see disease as some external agent to which we succumb. We then seek healing from external sources (medications, doctors and surgeries) rather than accessing our bodies’ natural propensity for health.

Current research in health is allowing us to take a different perspective and revealing that our minds and bodies are one and the same thing. We can now look at improving our health through alternative health education and counseling. Our thoughts and emotions, (usually considered “mind”) are bio-chemically represented in our “bodies” – blood, brain, tissues. What we think impacts our physiology and our internal bio-chemistry influences what we think. Mind and body are two parts of the same amazing system. The Option Process helps us to identify thoughts we have that may be causing disease and to replace these thoughts to create the possibility for increased health.

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