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Wine, Veg & Meat: Key to Long Life

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Want to know the perfect recipe for a long and healthy life? Drinking a goblet of red wine as well as eating adequate fruit, vegetablesand a small portion of red meat  everyday all add up to it, says a new study.
Previous research has found that sticking to the diet can protect the brain against developing Alzheimer’s and other memory problems, cut the chances of developing heart disease and even reduce the risk of being diagnosed with cancer.

The latest study, which followed 23,000 people, found that those who adhered most closely to a typical Mediterranean diet were 14 per cent more likely to still be alive at tView Posthe end of eight years, ‘The Daily Telegraph‘ reported.

“The analysis suggests that the dominant components of the Mediterranean diet are moderate consumption of alcohol, mostly in the form of wine during meals, low consumption of meat and meat products, and high consumption of vegetables, fruits and nuts, olive oil and legume,” said lead researcher Dimitrios Trichopoulos of Harvard School of Public Health.

Drinking wine had the most benefit on life span the findings suggest, followed by reducing meat consumption and then eating high numbers of fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Source: The Times Of India


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