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An Essential Mineral for Optimum Bone and Full-Body Health!

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Calcium is one of the most important minerals for your body and your bones. This essential strength-building nutrient helps your body maintain proper blood vessel function… secrete hormones and enzymes… and send messages through your central nervous system.

Many people think that in order to drop a few pounds, they can simply drop many calcium-rich dairy products from their diet. Wrong! Not only will your weight loss efforts be more difficult, but you could put your heart and brain at increased risk.

So make sure you’re getting enough calcium with a balanced and nutritious diet. According to, foods high in calcium include yogurt, goat’s milk, celery, broccoli, kelp, asparagus, garlic, tofu and oranges. Plus, spices such as garlic, rosemary, parsley and oregano can boost your intake of calcium.

But calcium alone can’t provide the highest protection for your bones. You need to balance your calcium intake with vitamin D, which is known as the “calcium helper” since it metabolizes the mineral for maximum health benefits. You can get vitamin D from safe sun exposure or from foods such as cod liver oil, salmon, tuna, eggs and beef liver.

So to help increase your bone mass and prevent the breakdown of bone tissue as you age, be sure to get ample amounts of calcium and vitamin D with a nutritious diet or quality supplements. These two vital nutrients are essential for a long and strong, healthy life!

Source: Better Health Research. Dec. 21st.2009

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