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Regular Elimination Promotes Optimum Health!

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When you can’t properly empty your bowels, you will experience damage to every cell, gland and organ in your body. Even worse, without regular, daily elimination and colon cleansing, your bloodstream and lymph system can become overloaded with toxins, chemicals and rotting waste.


If you continue to be plagued by symptoms such as occasional diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowels, smelly elimination, bloating, excessive and smelly gas, cramping and heartburn… then you may have a clogged and unhealthy excretory system.

In fact, your colon may even be a breeding ground for harmful parasites. According to June Wiles, Ph.D., “Parasites are vermin that steal your food, drink your blood and leave their excrement in your body to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream as nourishment.”

You can also be exposed to parasites if you eat meats such as pork and fish… drink tap water… eat raw fruits and vegetables… take antibiotics… work or live with children… travel out of the country… shake hands with people… or touch door knobs.

To help rid your body of parasites once-and-for-all and restore healthy bowel eliminations for a whistle-clean colon, look for amazing digestive nutrients such as cascara sagrada, senna leaf, black walnut bark and slippery elm bark.

Doctors and nutritionists agree that the best way to prevent sickness and maintain good overall health is through a well-functioning colon that’s free from toxins and waste build-up. A clogged colon can lead to digestion problems, as well as create the perfect breeding ground for parasites… contribute to kidney and heart problems… and even weaken your immune system.

Your colon may be in trouble if you’re experiencing…

*Occasional constipation or diarrhea

*Irritable bowels

*Intensely smelly elimination

*Straining to have a bowel movement

But adding daily fiber to your diet with plenty of water can help you to properly and regularly empty your bowels with a decreased transit time between eating and elimination. Plus, you may have more energy and get relief from bloating and heartburn.

When you experience proper bowel elimination with natural solutions, you’ll be promoting a clean and healthy colon for years to come.

Source:Better Health Research. Feb.8th.2010

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