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The 9 Worst Places for Your Health

MSNBC lists some surprisingly bad locations for your health, and the best places to optimize it:

1.Worst place to keep your toothbrush — the bathroom sink

There are 3.2 million microbes per square inch in the average toilet bowl, and all of those germs are propelled out every time you flush, settling on the floor and the sink. Keep your toothbrush behind closed doors in the medicine cabinet or a nearby cupboard.

2.Worst place to stash sneakers and flip-flops — the bedroom closet


Shoes track in allergens and contaminants. Leave your shoes by the front door.

3.Worst place to fall asleep — under piles of blankets..CLICK & SEE

Being overheated can keep you from sleeping. Let your feet stick out from under your blankets.

4.Worst place to cool leftovers — in the refrigerator...CLICK & SEE

Placing hot leftovers directly in the fridge can cause uneven cooling and possibly food poisoning. Leave food to cool on the counter for up to an hour after cooking, or divide it into smaller containers that can cool faster before refrigerating.

5.Worst place to sit on an airplane — the rear….CLICK & SEE

The tail of the plane is where you’ll get the bumpiest ride. Sit as close to the wing as you can.

6.Worst place to set your handbag — the kitchen counter….....CLICK & SEE

Tests have showed up to 10,000 bacteria per square inch on purse bottoms. Put your bag anywhere except where food is prepared or eaten.

7.Worst place to use a public bathroom — the stall in the middle...CLICK & SEE
The center stall has more bacteria. Pick a stall all the way left or right.

8.Worst place to keep medicine — the medicine cabinet  in the bathroom...CLICK & SEE
The temperature in a bathroom can get well above the recommended storage temperatures for many common drugs. Keep medicine somewhere cool and dry, such as the pantry.

9.Worst place to use headphones — on an airplane, train, or subway…CLICK & SEE

You’re probably turning the volume up too high if you’re listening to headphones in a noisy environment. Listen wherever you don’t have to blast your music to enjoy it, or consider using noise-canceling headphones.

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Source: MSNBC June 8, 2010

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