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The Internet Website Can Help You Keep Your Weight Off

As per new research the web page or the internet  may help you to reduce your weight. During the study it is found that more often people log on specially designed Kaiser  Permanente weight  loss webpage, it is more likely that they were to maintain weight loss.


Those who made the study  believed that the webpage worked as a result of its mixture of accountability and sociability.

The website users were asked log in once a week to enter their weight and the amount of exercise they’d done — and if they didn’t log in regularly, they got an e-mail and then an automated phone call. Users could also chat with other study participants.

Time Magazine reports:

“The study began with 1,600 overweight or obese participants, about 350 of whom lost enough weight … to stay in the trial … Users who had logged on the most regularly — at least once a month for 28 months — had kept off the most weight, an average of 9 lbs. People who used the website the least kept off only 3 lb. on average.”


Time Magazine July 29, 2010
Journal of Medical Internet Research July 27, 2010;12(3):e29

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