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Aglaia odorata Lour

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Botanical Name :Aglaia odorata Lour
Family: Meliaceae
Genus: Aglaia
Species: A. odorata
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Sapindales
Common Name :Pisshthparni, Pithavan, Chinese rice flower, Cinamomo (Span.) , Cinamomo de China (Span.) ,Sinamomong-sungsong (Tag.) ,Chinese perfume plant (Engl.) Mi zan lau (Chin.)

Local names in Borneo :
Bunga maniran, Mai tsai lan, Segera, Tjulan.

Habitat : It is found in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and possibly Laos.Cultivated as an ornamental tree for its fragrant flowers.

It is a small, much-branched, smooth tree growing from 4 to 7 meters high. Stipules absent. Leaves are 5 to 12 cm long, alternate, compound, leaflets penni-veined, glabrous  with the rachis slightly winged.

Leaflets are five, obovate to oblong, 2 to 7 cm long, the lower ones being smaller than the upper.. Flowersborne on axillary, lax panicles, 5 to 10 cm long, numerous, yellow, very fragrant, and about 3 mm in diameter. Fruit is ovoid or subglobose, about 12 mm long. ca. 1.5 mm diameter, white-yellowish, placed in panicles. Fruit is ovoid or subglobose, 14 mm diameter, orange, fleshy capsule. Seeds with aril.

Medicinal Uses:

Parts used: Roots, flowers, leaves.

Roots and leaves considered pectoral, stimulant, febrifuge, tonic and anti-convulsive.


*Infusion of flowers given as a cooling drink for eruptive fevers.
*In China, flowers and roots used as a tonic.
*In Java, infusion of leaves taken as tonic for excessive menses and for venereal diseases.

Other Uses:
Strongly perfumed flowers used for scenting tea or clothes. Ornamental tree.

Usually planted as an ornamental in gardens and along roads, but some specimens found in mixed dipterocarp forests up to 800 m altitude.

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