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This Supplement Almost All Should Take When They Are Sick

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In the recent years we have placed Vitamine C in the back seat  with the advent of many newer antioxidants, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Vitamin C is clearly the “GRANDFATHER” of the traditional antioxidants we know of, and its potent health benefits have been clearly established.

Vitamin C good for patients’ mood swings

Dr. Ronald Hunninghake is an internationally recognized expert on this vitamin. He got his start in this field about 22 years ago when he joined Dr. Hugh Riordan, who conducted research on intravenous (I.V.) vitamin C for cancer patients. His clinic is the successor to Linus Pauling and his work on vitamin C, and there is likely no clinic in the world with as much experience as his.

Dr. Ronald Hunninghake is an internationally recognized expert on vitamin C who has personally supervised more than 60,000 intravenous (IV) vitamin C administrations.
In this interview, Dr. Hunninghake shares his experience with this important modality.

You may click to see the interview between Dr. Mercola & Dr. Ronald Hunninghake

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