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Botanical Name :Artocarpus cumingiana Trec.
Family  : Moraceae

Other Scientific name
:Artocarpus ovata Blanco
Common names :Anobion (Pamp.) ,Kamandag (Neg.) ,Anobling (Tag.), Kanabling (Bik.)  Anobung (Tag.),Kanet (Tag.) , Anubing (Tag., Bik., Bis.), Kanubling (Bik.) ,Anubling (Tag.) Koliung (Ting.) Bayuko (P. Bis.), Kubi (Bis., Tag.) ,Buriuas (Tagb.), Obien (Ilk.) Indang (Tag.) Tugap (Neg.) ,Kalauahan (Bon.)

Habitat :Species found only in the Philippines. In forests at low and medium altitudes.

Description :
This is a tree reaching a height of 30 meters and a diameter of about 100 cm. Leaves are oblong or subelliptic, 20 to 30 cm long, and 6 to 10 cm wide, hairy, pointed or slightly heart-shaped at the base. Petioles are 1 to 2 cm long. Male spikes are pear-shaped and 1 to 2 cm long. Female heads are rounded and nearly 2 cm in diameter. The fruit is about 10 cm long, with the anthocarp extending into brownish, hairy appendages or tails. The seeds are ellipsoid and embeded in whitish, more or less gummy meat.

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Medicinal Uses:
Parts used: Bark


• Bark is boiled and used for stomach aches.

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