7 Home Remedies That Actually Work


When you look at the science, it turns out your grandmother wasn’t so far off on some of those home remedies she used to talk about. For example, it’s really true that olives can help stave off motion sickness – but only if you eat them when the first symptoms appear. That’s because olives contain tannin, which works to eliminate the saliva that triggers nausea.
Olives for Motion sickness>

Vapor Rub to Cure Nail Fungus->

Oatmeal to Soothe Eczema->

Yogurt to Cure Bad Breath->

A Spoonful of Sugar to Cure Hiccups->

It’s also absolutely true that oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties, and that a finely ground paste of it can help soothe eczema. The neutralizing powers of yogurt and other probiotics also can help get rid of bad breath.

Gargle salt water for a sore throat, take a spoonful of sugar for hiccups, and chew on a pencil for a headache – they all have a scientific reason why they work.

And, although there are no studies to back up putting Vapor Rub on toenail fungus, enough people have reported success with the remedy to warrant giving it a try.

Sources: Yahoo Health March 3, 2011

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  1. Treat Ingrown Toenails

    It seems to me that the best remedy for ingrown toenails is to prevent them to begin with. A lot, if not most, we unknowingly cause ourselves. For example, if you injure your toe, there may be little you can do about it. On the other hand, if you are repeatedly cutting out ingrown nails only to have them recur in 2-4 weeks, you may be leaving a toenail spicule.


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