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Tadehagi triquetrum

Botanical Name :Tadehagi triquetrum
Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)
Subfamily: Faboideae
Order: Fabales
Tribes: Desmodieae
Subtribes: Desmodiinae
Genus: Tadehagi
Species: Tadehagi triquetrum
Subspecies: T. t. subsp. auriculatum – T. t. subsp. pseudotriquetrum – T. t. subsp. triquetrum

Synonyms: Desmodium triquetrum, Hedysarum triquetrum, Pteroloma triquetrum

Common name: Trefle Gros • Malayalam: Adkhapanal, Chattagai, Kattarali • Telugu: Dammidi • Kannada: Dodotte, Molada gida • Assamese: Ulucha • Mizo: Arhrikreh,Hu Lu Ch’a

Habitat :Grows in India, Bangladesh,Srilanka and also in Several places in Asia &   Southeast Asia

Trefle Gros is a subshrub, growing up to 3 m tall,t with erect stems which are almost woody. Branches are triangular in cross section, velvety. Leaves are alternately arranged, and the leaf stalk has prominently wings. Leaves are linear-oblong, ovate or heart-shaped, with a tapering tip. Flowers arise in many-flowered racemes in leaf axils. Flowers are small, shaped like pea flowers, pale violet. Legumes are hairy, 5-8 jointed. Flowering: nearly all year…

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Medicinal uses:
Trefle Gros is used to expel worms, treats spasms in infants, indigestion, piles and abscesses (whole plant); for invigorating the spleen and promoting digestion (decoction of whole plant); for hemorrhoids (leaves); for stomach discomfort (infusion of leaves); as a poultice on bruises and drunk daily for chronic coughs and tuberculosis (decoction of roots); to treat kidney complaints (infusion of roots); eaten or used in baths for gastro-intestinal and urinary problems ranging from an upset stomach to hepatitis (infusion or decoction of roots).

Whole plant: expels intestinal worms; treats spasms in infants, indigestion, piles, abscesses. Whole plant decoction is drunk as hematinic and used medicinally as an antipyretic, diuretic, for invigorating the spleen, and promoting digestion.  Leaves employed as a tonic and hemorrhoid remedy.

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