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Cat’s whiskers

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Botanical Name :Orthosiphon stamineus
Family: Lamiaceae
Genus: Orthosiphon
Species: O. stamineus
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Lamiales

Common Name :Java tea,cat’s whiskers

Habitat : Origin of Orthosiphon stamineu is Eastern Asia, now it is  widely grown in all tropical areas.

. The characteristics of the herb cat’s whiskers are straight wet bars often as wood, height can reach 1.5 m. This plant can grow to a height of 700 above sea level.  It features long white or blue flowers with long stamens (cat’s whiskers) over glossy mid-green foliage.

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Leaves: Egg Shaped spurs, sharp jagged edges rough and irregular, and usually rolled backward. Bone leaves and purple stalks and spots soft, salty and slightly bitter taste. Bone edges and short-haired and white as well.

Grains: perforated 6 (a kind of channel). On the surface there is the edge a bit high, shaped nets.

Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds also find this plant very attractive.

Edible Uses:
Orthosiphon stamineu was possibly introduced to the west in the early 20th century as Jave tea. Misai Kucing is popularly consumed as a herbal tea. The brewing of Java tea is similar to that for other teas. It is soaked in hot boiling water for about three minutes, and honey or milk is then added. It can be easily prepared as garden tea from the dried leaves. There are quite a number of commercial products derived from Misai Kucing.

Chemical Constituents:: Potassium, Saponins, essential oils, tannic substances, fats and glucosit orthosiphonin.

Medicinal Uses:
The two general species, Orthosiphon stamineus “purple” and Orthosiphon stamineus “white” are traditionally used to treat diabetes, kidney and urinary disorders, high blood pressure and bone or muscular pain.
It is also used to treat  cystitis  and urethritis. I supports the elemination of gallstones. It helps to accelerate weightloss.

1. To treat kidney stones. Take the cat’s whiskers 5 gr. Meniran (already mashed) 7 grams, or 1 handful meniran leaf, baby corn or can with 1 handful of corn silk, porcelain vile 3.5 gr. Anyang 7 grams of wood grain, mustard plants is weak 7. All the ingredients are dried and finely chopped and mixed. Each day a big plus 2 tablespoons water, netherlands,. Dimium 2-3 times until they run out.

2. Kidney stones recipes II: Grab; meniran 15 gr. 15 g mulberry leaves, leaf brake, tip (cat whiskers) 80 g, corn cob 70 mgr. All the ingredients are mixed and finely ground and mixed with hot water. Every day 6 grams of the mixture and brewed drink 1 every other day until cured.

3. Urinary tract infections, frequent urination in small increments (anyan-anyangen): Use herbs meniran, cat whiskers and reeds 30 grams respectively. Everything in the clean up first with washed, cut into small pieces, boil with 3 cups of water bring to a boil and reserving half. After a cold drink half a glass each 3 x daily.

4. Urinary stones: Use herbs cat’s whiskers as much as 90 grams. Clean by washing it first. Boil with 1 liter of water. Bring to a boil and reserving 750 ml. After a cold drink 3 times daily each 1 / 3 part.

5. Fever: Use the cat’s whiskers that have been cleaned first with a wash as many as 100 gr. Boil the water as much as 2 liters. Cool and strain. Furthermore, taken once a day.

6. High blood pressure: Use the cat’s whiskers that have been dried as much as 50 grams. Clean especially dahulku with washing. After it boiled with water, strain and chill. When using the wet leaves brewed as tea. Drink 1 cup a day.

The information presented herein is intended for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.


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