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Psychotria sulzneri

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Botanical Name : Psychotria sulzneri
Family : Rubiaceae
Group: Dicot

Common Name :Dull Leaf Coffee, Dog’s Tongue

Habitat :Native to many worm countries of the world.Psychotria is one of the largest Dicot genera, with over 1500 species around the world in warm climates.

Native Range: South Florida, the West Indies, Mexico and Central America.

Psychotria sulzneri is an evergreen Perennial shrub reaching 5 – 8 feet in height and 4 ft in width

Leaves are  4 – 7 inches long, dull blue-green, oblanceolate, with prominent veins on the underside. The surface of the leaf has a puckered effect .

Stem & Bark is green to reddish brown, nodes are somewhat prominent

Flowers are small white flowers in panicled clusters, bisexual

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Fruits are showy, dark red berries in clusters, up to 1/4 inch across. Two seeds per fruit, appearing to be split in half

Medicinal Uses:
Traditional this is  used  as a remidy of hemostat, febrifuge and cold remedy; used to treat stomach ailments, asthma, swelling of limbs, sores, tumors and skin fungus.In many Caribbean counties it is used as modern remedy.

Added to a mixture of medicinal leaves (usually 9) to make an herbal bath formula for bathing wounds, rashes, swellings, and for those who feel nervous and sleepless.  Mash leaves and flowers to apply as poultice on infected sores.

Disclaimer : The information presented herein is intended for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider

Dull Leaf Coffee isn’t THAT Dull

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