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Callistemon rigidus

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Botanical nameCallistemon rigidus
Family: Myrtaceae
Genus: Callistemon
Species: C. rigidus
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Myrtales

Common Name :Stiff Bottlebrush,Flowering Bottlebrush, Red Cluster Bottlebrush . In bengali :Bottlebrush  (botol  burush)

Habitat :It is native to tropical countries     It is endemic to the state of New South Wales in Australia.

Description:This spectacular, and unexpectedly hardy shrub, bears dense spikes of flamboyant red bottle-brush flowers that appear in late spring and early summer. Narrow, sharply pointed leaves adorn this dazzling shrub that is possibly the hardiest of all bottle brushes.

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It grows to between 2 and 3 metres in height and has a stiff, erect habit. The leaves are mostly 50 to 70 mm long and 3 to 4 mm wide. Red flower spikes with darker anthers are produced in summer. Flowers are Showy  and the  leaves have  Fragrant and  are Evergreen.

Medicinal Uses:
The essential oil from the leaves of Callistemon rigidus R. Br., a traditional Chinese medicinal plant, has been analyzed and found to contain thirteen compounds. The oil was predominantly 1, 8-cineole (89.9%).

From stem bark of Callistemon rigidus (Myrtaceae), piceatannol and scirpusin B were isolated as components that exhibit inhibitory effects on alpha-amylase activity in isolated mouse plasma. In particular, scirpusin B also inhibited alpha-amylase in mouse gastrointestinal tract. Thus, we expect the depressive effect on the elevation of postprandial blood glucose may be a new medicinal use of this compound as well as the plant itself.

Other Uses:
Architectural, city courtyard garden, coastal/seaside suitable, container plant, cottage informal garden, drought resistant, flowering shrub, low maintenance, mediterranean, mixed shrub border and fragrance.

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