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Botanical Name : Simaba Cedron
Family: Simaroubaceae
Genus:     Simaba
Species: S. cedron
Kingdom: Plantae
Order:     Sapindales

Syn. : Aruba cedron Kuntze

Common Names:Cedron

Habitat :Cedron is native to  Columbia and Central America.

Cedron is a  small tree, a native of New Grenada, remarkable for the properties of its seed. It has large pinnated leaves with over twenty narrow elliptical leaflets and large panicles of flowers, 3 to 4 feet long; the fruit is about the size of a swan’s egg, and contains only one fruit, four of the cells being barren. The Cedron of commerce is not unlike a large blanched almond – it is often yellowish, hard and compact, but can be easily cut, it is intensely bitter, not unlike quassia in taste and has no odour. The Cedron of commerce is obtained from the seed. Cedron has always been used in Central America as a remedy for snake-bite, and first came into notice in Britain in 1699.

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Medicinal Uses:
Part Used:  Seeds

Chemical constituents: A crystalline substance called Cedrin was separated by Lowry, but this has been disputed.

It has been found of considerable value in New Grenada as a febrifuge in intermittent fever, and is also recommended as an antiperiodic. There is almost a superstitious belief in its efficacy in eradicating poison, and the natives always carry some of the seeds on their person. For snake-bites, a small quantity is scraped off, mixed with water and applied to the wound, and then about 2 grains are put into brandy or into water and taken internally. Every part of the plant, including the seed, is intensely bitter.

Other Uses:
The powdered bark is used to kill vermin (parasitic worms or insects: example :his clothes are infested with vermin)

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