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Dorstenia Contrayerva

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Botanical Name : Dorstenia Contrayerva
Family: Moraceae
Tribe:     Dorstenieae
Genus:     Dorstenia
Species: D. contrajerva
Kingdom: Plantae
Order:     Rosales

Synonyms: Dorstenia Houstoni (LINN.).

Common Name :contrayerva, carapia, carapá, chupa-chupa, conta-de-cobra, bezoar, bezoard, contraerva, contra-erva, contrayerba de las Antillas, figueirinha, liga-liga, liga-osso, tarope, tiu

Habitat:Dorstenia Contrayerva is native of Mexico, West Indies and Peru.It may be found in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraquay, Venezuela and the three Guianas. It  grows wild throughout the Amazon rainforest.

Dorstenia Contrayerva is a small herb growing about 8 or 10 inches high with distinctly veined leaves and small basket-shaped flowers. Dorstenia is one of the few genuses in the large Moraceae family that produces small herbaceous plants.It produces a reddish-brown cylindrical rhizome that is 2-4 cm long and about 1 cm thick with many small roots.

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Name derived from a Spanish-American word signifying counterpoison or antidote. It is probable that the root sold as Contrayerva is derived from several species of Dorstenia, others being Dorstenia Houstoni and D. Drabena, the former growing near Campeachy, the latter near Vera Cruz. The official root is the product of D. Brasiliensis and comes from Brazil. The commercial root is oblong, 1 or 2 inches long, thickness varies, hard rough solid, outside reddish brown, paler inside, odour aromatic, taste warm, bitter, pungent, rootlets notas strong as main tubes. The root properties are extracted by alcohol and boiling water, and makes a very mucilaginous decoction.

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Medicinal Uses:

Part Used: Root.

Chemical Constituents: Cajupine and contrayerbine.

The root is used medicinally and it is considered in herbal medicine systems. It is stimulant, tonic, and diaphoretic.It is herbal remedy for fevers, typhoid, dysentery, diarrhoea, diarrhea and dysentery, skin problems, ear aches and ear infections, anemia, menstrual problems, high blood pressure, cystitis, malaria, upper respiratory problems, and digestive disorders. and other illnesses needing a stimulant.

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