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Rhinanthus crista-galli

Botanical Name : Rhinanthus crista-galli
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Rhinanthus

Synonyms: Cock’s Comb. Yellow Rattle Grass. Pennygrass.

Common Names :Yellow rattlebox,(Welsh) Crivell Melyn. ,(French) Crôte-de-coq. ,(Gaelic), little yellow rattle [English], Boden chloigin.cockscomb rhinanthus

Habitat :Rhinanthus crista-galli is native to Europe.It grows on  dry fields, meadows, thickets

Rhinanthus crista-galli is a perennial herb.Yellow flowers in upper leaf axils of hairy plants, forming vertical clusters on one side of the plant. The calyx forms a flat, rounded bladder-like pod with the 2-lipped flower emerging from its tip. The upper lip is hood-shaped, often tinged with violet; the lower lip is 3-lobed, spotted. Leaves opposite in pairs, narrowly triangular or oblong, ¾-2½” (2-6 cm) long, sharply toothed. The seeds of the mature plant rattle in the calyx when plant is shaken. Figwort family. (June 15)
Flower: ½-¾” (1-2 cm) long
Plant height: 8-20″ (10-50 cm)

Blooming period: June-September


Medicinal Uses:
The Yellow Rattle was considered to have certain properties in common with Eyebright. Culpepper tells us that it ‘is held to be good for those that are troubled with a cough or dimness of sight, if the herb being boiled with beans and some honey; put thereto be drunk or dropped into the eyes. The whole seed being put into the eyes draweth forth any skin, dimness or film from the sight without trouble or pain.’

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