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Alternative Names: milk spots or an oil seeds

Milia are small, white (or sometimes pale yellow) spots that usually appear around the eyes, on the cheeks and on the eyelids. They’re a type of cyst filled with a substance called keratin, a protein that provides strength to the & see

Milia are keratin-filled cyst that can appear just under the epidermis or on the roof of the mouth. Milia are commonly associated with newborn babies but can appear on people of all ages. They are usually found around the nose and eyes, and sometimes on the genitalia, often mistaken by those affected as warts or other STDs. Milia can also be confused with stubborn whiteheads.

In children milia often disappear within two to four weeks. In adults they may require removal by a physician or an esthetician.

Milia are most commonly seen on a baby’s nose, chin or cheeks, though they may also occur in other areas, such as on the upper trunk and limbs.

Sometimes similar bumps appear on a baby’s gums or the roof of the mouth. These are known as Epstein pearls. Some babies also develop baby acne, often characterized by small red bumps and pustules on the cheeks, chin and forehead.

No one really understands why they appear or why some people get them while others don’t. They don’t appear to be related to different lifestyles or diets and are certainly not infectious or caused by poor hygiene.

Diagnosis: The doctor can usually diagnose milia just by examining the skin. No specific testing is needed.

Milia typically disappear on their own within several weeks, and no medical treatment is recommended.

The following may help to get rid of milia:

•Hold a hot, wet face cloth over the skin for a few minutes – the temperature should feel comfortable, not painful. This simple facial sauna helps to loosen and remove dead skin cells and debris from the skin.

•Use an exfoliating facial scrub to remove the top layer of skin, which can enable the cysts to fall out. These scrubs are available from the pharmacist and are the kind of facial wash used for treating mild acne. Those containing salicylic acid work well, but always read the label or ask the pharmacist to make sure the one you select is suitable for you.

A qualified beautician may also be able to recommend possible  help.

Most importantly, resist the temptation to pick at them. This will hurt, damage and possibly scar the skin, and may introduce a nasty infection.

Lifestyle & Homeremedies:
You may try these tips to help your baby’s skin look its best:

*Keep your baby’s face clean. Wash your baby’s face with warm water daily.

*Dry your baby’s face gently.Simply pat your baby’s skin dry.

*Avoid any other type of treatment. Don’t pinch or scrub the tiny bumps, and don’t use any type of lotions, oils or medicated creams on your baby’s skin.

In babies & children, milia usually disappear after the first several weeks of life without treatment and without any lasting effects.

In adults, milia removal can usually be done without scarring.

Disclaimer: This information is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advise or help. It is always best to consult with a Physician about serious health concerns. This information is in no way intended to diagnose or prescribe remedies.This is purely for educational purpose

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