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Q :   I have been given the idea that eggs are bad for you. Is this true?

Ans:   An egg contains about 200mg of cholesterol, mostly in the yolk, leading to the erroneous assumption that eggs are bad for you.

Each egg has 60-70 calories, with essential vitamins, minerals, choline carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, and 60gm of protein. All this reduces the risk of macular degeneration of the eye (blindness) and enhances brain development, while the choline content may improve memory. So eggs are actually good for you.

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Shoulder pain: 

Q:   The back of my right shoulder pains and I am unable to move my arm above my head. I sit in front of a computer all day.

Ans:  This happens quite often in people with desk jobs, those who are sitting at a computer for 6-8 hours a day. The natural alignment of the neck bones become affected because of posture. These vertebrae start to impinge on the nerves going to the arms as these emerge from between them. This can cause muscle pain, muscle spasm, headache, joint pain and referred pain. You will probably recover with intensive physiotherapy. Please check your vitamin D3 levels to see if it is low. This “sunshine vitamin” is required for healthy bones.

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Warm up, cool down:

Q.   I run for 30 minutes a day, and of late, my knees as well as the inside of my leg and calf muscles have started to pain.

Ans:  It is essential to warm up your muscles before you start to exercise. If you suddenly start a vigorous run, your unprepared muscles get a jolt. Exercise also makes muscles contract and shorten. Once the activity is over, stretch the muscles you have used with cool down exercises. This prevents damage and pain.

Milder forms of exercise such as brisk walking are less damaging to joints and offer equal benefits.


Stress buster :

Q  : I have stress at work and home. Things that happen in both places reverberate in my thoughts all day and at night when I am trying to sleep. My blood pressure is rising, and I have a rapid heart rate.

Ans: Stress is bad for health. it precipitates all kinds of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks and stroke. You cannot change your situation either in the workplace or at home. To cope better, go out in the fresh air and walk, run or swim for 40 minutes. Follow this up with yoga and meditation for 20 minutes.

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Antibiotic overdose?

Q : My four-year-old son gets watery diarrhoea frequently. Antibiotics are always prescribed for him. I wondered if this excessive antibiotic use will have a negative impact on his health.

Ans: Watery diarrhoea is likely to be infectious. It requires antibiotics only if it has persisted for more than three days and there is a fever. Recurrent diarrhoea can be due to food (particularly milk) allergy.

Diarrhoea is best treated with rehydration using ORS (oral rehydration solution) reconstituted precisely as directed on the packet. A tastier option is watery, lightly salted, mashed khichdi, made with equal quantities of pressure cooked rice and moong dal, alternated with bananas.

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Smoker’s tongue:

Q :    I smoke 20 cigarettes a day and have done so for more than 20 years. I stopped last week because of the nagging from my wife and doctor. Now, I have a painless, slightly ulcerated lump in the centre of my tongue.

Ans:  As painless lump, unless it is a blood clot, is more sinister than a painful one. Given your smoking history, you need to consult an ENT specialist urgently. If he or she feels you need a biopsy, please do not hesitate.

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Source: The Telegraph (Kolkata, India)

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