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Aristida setacea Retz.

Botanical Name:Aristida setacea Retz.
Family : Poaceae
Species : Aristida setacea
Species Name: Aristida setacea Retz.

*Chaetaria setacea (Retz.) P.Beauv.
*Aristida quinqueseta Steud.
*Aristida depressa Trin.
*Aristida adscendens Trimen

Common name : Broom Grass
English : Horse tail
Vernacular name : Dodda hanchi hullu, Parke hullu (Kan.),Ghor-benjii (Lodhas); Kharan-ghas (Sa).

Habitat:Native to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar
Distribution: Africa: western Indian ocean. Asia-tropical: India, Indo-China, and Malesia

Perennial; caespitose. Butt sheaths coriaceous; yellow; glossy. Culms erect; 50-120 cm long. Leaf-sheaths glabrous on surface. Ligule a fringe of hairs. Leaf-blades filiform; flat, or convolute; 20-40 cm long; 2-2.5 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface scabrous; rough adaxially.
Inflorescence a panicle. Panicle contracted; linear, or lanceolate; 15-40 cm long. Spikelets solitary. Fertile spikelets pedicelled.


Medicinal Uses:
Dried seeds (ca. 10 gm) are crushed to form powder, made into paste by mixing adequate ‘reri oil’ (castor oil, Ricinus
communis), and applied on the mouth and foot sores of the cattle’s by the Santals. Inflorescences are tied in a bunch, placed.

Other Uses: This grass is mainly used in making Brooms.
in front of cattle shade to keep the evil spirits away from the cattle by the Lodhas.

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