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Hygrorhiza aristata

Botanical Name: Hygrorhiza aristata
Family: Poaceae
Order: Poales
Genus: Hygroryza

Common Names:Jungali Dal, Asian Waterweed, Awned-Water-rice, Jamglo-dha, Dolddi, Dadlo,
Uses: Dried grains powder (ca. 5 g) mixed with a glass of lukewarm
English name: Bengal Wild Rice

Habitat: Hygrorhiza aristata is native to South-East Asia from South China to Malaysia. In the habitat, it forms dense floating populations in the water (as part of periodically or permanently flooded swards)

In its native countries it is often found as a weed among the planted rice fields.

Hygroryza aristata is a floating grass. It bis a perennial herb. It grows up to 50cm. It has long haning roots and provides hiding places to fishes. It is the only grass used in acquirium.The most striking feature of this grass plant are the relatively wide lanceolate leaf blades with their round bases and their water-repellent surface as well as the bulbous leaf sheaths that serve as buoys.


Medicinal Uses:
Dried grains powder (ca. 5 g) mixed with a glass of lukewarm cow milk is given as astringent by the Lodhas.
Plant decoction mixed with the leaf juice of ‘Tulsi’ (Ocimum tenuiflorum), honey and ginger (Gingiber officinale) paste (in 3:2:1
ratio) is given 3-4 times a day to cure prolonged fever by the Oraons.

Other Uses:
This is the only grass species that is used in aquariums. It has to be pruned back on a regular basis or it will shade out any other plants below it. This is a great plant for open topped aquariums and its roots will provide refuge for juvenile fish if used in a rearing tank.

Fresh plant is given to oxen as fodder to make the oxen stronger by the Mundas. The fresh plant paste is given to the cattle as galactogauge by the Mundas.

This plant will propagate itself by sending out plantlets which will spread over the water surface. These need to be pruned back on a regular basis to keep it in check.

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