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Itch grass

Botanical Name: Rottboellia exaltata
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Panicoideae
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Poales
Supertribe: Andropogonodae
Tribe: Andropogoneae
Subtribe: Rottboelliinae
Genus: Rottboellia

*Cymbachne Retz.
*Robynsiochloa Jacq.-Fél.
*Stegosia Lour.

Common Names: Itch grass, Bara-swali

Habitat : Rottboellia exaltata is native to African, Asian, and Australian. It grows in the warm-climate countries.

Rottboellia exaltata is an annual grass. The stem rises up to 3 m high, supported below by stilt-roots, the basal sheaths painfully hispid; leaves up to 45 x 2 cm. Racemes 3–15 cm long, glabrous, terminating in a tail of reduced spikelets, gathered into a leafy false panicle. Sessile spikelet oblong-elliptic, pallid; lower glume 3.5–5 mm long. Pedicelled spikelet narrowly ovate, 3–5 mm long, herbaceous, green; pedicel shorter than the internode.


Medicinal Uses: Root paste is applied on the boils for early suppuration by the Lodhas.

Known Hazards: Itchgrass infestations can result in up to 80 percent crop loss, or even abandonment of agricultural lands. Farmers usually regard itchgrass as a troublesome weed.

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