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Sacciolepis interrupta

Botanical Name : Sacciolepis interrupta
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Panicoideae
ingdom: Plantae
Order: Poales
Supertribe: Panicodae
Tribe: Paniceae
Genus: Sacciolepis


Common Names: Polla kala, Cupscale grass, Nardual.

Habitat : Sacciolepis interrupta is native to Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Tanzania to Botswana, China (Yunnan) to Tropical Asia.It grows mainly on wet land.It is distributed on tropics of South East Asia and Africa.

Growing Localities: Sivaloda, Swamikkayam, Chalakkudy, Guruvayur, Konni, Ranni, Manjeswar, Taliparamba, Cheruvathur, Thekkadi, Olavakkot, Pulimath, Thakarapramba, Ayiramthengu, Alleppey town, Nedumudy, Pulinkunnu, Vandanam, Nedumkayam, Karimpuzha, Thekara-Mannarghat, Thenma

Sacciolepis interrupta is an annuals grass. It’s main culms 25-90 cm long, erect, creeping or geniculate, spongy and floating, rooting at the nodes below; nodes glabrous. Leaves 5-30 x 0.3-1.2 cm, lanceolate or linear, base rounded, apex acute or acuminate; sheaths to 16 cm long; ligules ovate, membranous. Panicles 4-25 cm long, spiciform, interrupted. Spikelets 3-5 mm long, ovate-lanceolate. Lower glume 1-1.5 x 1 mm, ovate-oblong. Upper glume 3-5 x 1-2 mm, ovate-lanceolate. Lower floret male or barren. Upper floret bisexual. First lemma similar to the upper glume. Palea 2-3 mm olong, oblong, hyaline. Second lemma 2-3 x 1-1.5 mm, ovate-oblong, subcoriaceous. Palea 2-3 mm long, elliptic, 2-keeled, hyaline. Stamens 3; anthers violet. Stigmas pink. Grains c. 2 mm long, ovoid. It is flowring & fruiting throughout the year.


Edible Uses: The seeds are used as femene food.

Medicinal Uses: Plant decoction with common salt is given for the treatment of stone in gall-bladder by the Lodhas.

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