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Sporobolus diander

Botanical Name: Sporobolus diander
Family: Poaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Subclass: Commelinidae
Order: Cyperales
Genus: Sporobolus
Species: Sporobolus diander (Retz.) Beauv

Common name(s): Tussock dropseed, Khui-ghash

Habitat :Sporobolus diander grows in the tropical region of the world.But it does not grow in Australia

Plants annual or perennial; usually cespitose, sometimes rhizomatous, rarely stoloniferous. Culms 10-250 cm, usually erect, rarely prostrate, glabrous. Sheaths open, usually glabrous, often ciliate at the apices; ligules of hairs; blades flat, folded, involute, sometimes terete. Inflorescences terminal, open or contracted panicles, sometimes partially included in the uppermost sheath. Spikelets rounded to laterally compressed, with 1(-3) floret(s) per spikelet; disarticulation above the glumes. Glumes 0-1-veined; calluses poorly developed, usually glabrous; lemmas membranous or chartaceous, 1(3)-veined, unawned; paleas glabrous, 2-veined, often splitting between the veins at maturity; anthers (2)3. Fruits utricles or achenes, ellipsoid, obovoid, fusiform, or quadrangular, pericarp free from the seed, becoming mucilaginous when moist in most species, remaining dry and partially adherent to the seed in S. heterolepis and S. clandestinus. Cleistogamous spikelets occasionally present in the lower leaf sheaths. x = 9. Name from the Greek sporos, seed, and bolos, a throw, referring to the free seeds, which are sometimes forcibly ejected when the mucilaginous pericarp dries. It is in flower during summer


Uses: Stem is chopped into small pieces and is given to the cattle as a fodder to promote lactation by the Santals. Most of the tribal
communities of the state use the plant for broom making.

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