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Fig Marigold

Botanical Name: Lampranthus spectabilis
Family: Aizoaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Caryophyllales
Tribe: Ruschieae
Genus: Lampranthus

Common Names: Fig Marigold, Lampranthus spectabilis, Matsubagiku , Rhapranthes , Cactus plant, Sabotengik

Habitat: Fig Marigold is native to South Africa

Fig Marigold is a Half Hardy Evergreen perennial plant, stems crawling on the ground, root the good branches. Hanasbelichyu fellow, flower petals out of velvet-like, slender with chrysanthemum and similar leaf looks like pine needles on fleshy. Rich in anthocyanins, the pink there is small, red, white, purple, yellow, and orange. Fig marigold flowers much smaller if you like hanazlksa (flower vine). Portulaca flowers is similar Peony petals and the flowers are similar to Department of Portulaca grandiflora (MOSS, Portulaca grandiflora) atmosphere across the grass.


Stem: wood and horizontal at the roots crawl well branched, height: 10-30 cm, phyllotaxis: vs., leaf: rod-shaped, leaf margin: entire, asymmetric flower, bisexual flowers, single terminal inflorescences, Flowering: April-June, flower color: peach / orange / yellow, white, and blue-violet, flower diameter: 4-6 cm, calyx: 5, fruit, fruit capsules.

Other uses: ground cover

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