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Ursinia calenduliflora

Botanical Name: Ursinia calenduliflora
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Tribe: Anthemideae
Genus: Ursinia
Type species: Ursinia paradoxa

*Sphenogyne R.Br.
*Ursiniopsis E.Phillips
*Chronobasis DC. ex Benth. & Hook.f.

Common Names: Namaqua parachute daisy, Springbok rock-ursinia; Bergmagriet, Berggousblom (Afrikaans).

Habitat:Ursinia calenduliflora is native to Richtersveld Mountains to Springbok and the Kamiesberg Mountains.It grows in sandy soil on rocky slopes in Namaqualand, the semi-desert region in the Northern Cape that is well known for its spectacular displays of spring flowers.

Ursinia calenduliflora is an annual herb, up to 350 mm high, with finely dissected, fresh green, hairless leaves. The flower is a large, bright orange-yellow daisy, up to 50 mm in diameter, and a single flower is produced at the tip of a long, thin flower stalk. The ray florets are sterile and orange or occasionally yellow, with a purple spot at the base. The disc florets are hermaphrodite (contain male and female reproductive structures) and are yellow. There are two different flower forms, one with a dark ring of purple spots around the yellow centre and one with no dark ring.

Flowers are produced from mid- winter to spring, (July to September), depending on the weather; in a year with good and early rains, they will start flowering in July, and if the rain persists, they could continue flowering into late spring, however, in years with little rain, the flowers will be fewer and will be produced over a shorter period. The involucral bracts are free and occur in many, densely overlapping rows, and have conspicuous membranous tips.


Ursinia calenduliflora is not used in traditional medicine, nor is it widely grown in gardens. It is easy and rewarding to grow and a colourful bedding plant for spring display.

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