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Pandanus odoratissimus

Botanical Name: Pandanus odoratissimus
Family: Pandanaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Pandanales
Genus: Pandanus
Species: P. odorifer

*Athrodactylis spinosa J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. nom. illeg.
*Bromelia sylvestris Burm.f.
*Eydouxia delessertii Gaudich.
*Hasskarlia leucacantha Walp.
*Keura odora Thunb.
*Keura odorifera Forssk.
*Marquartia leucacantha Hassk.
*Pandanus adduensis H.St.John
*Pandanus albibracteatus H.St.John
*Pandanus alloios H.St.John
*Pandanus ambiglaucus H.St.John

Common Names: Fragrant screw-pine,

In India, the tree goes by a variety of names, many deriving from the Sanskrit Kataki. In Tamil, it is called Kaithai and thazhai and both are mentioned in Sangam literature. In Arabic speaking countries, the tree is referred to as al-kadi. In Japan, the tree is called adan and grows on Okinawa.

Common Names in Indian Languages:
Bengali :Keora, Keya, Ketaki
English:Umbrella tree, Screw pine, Screw tree
French: Pandanus
German: Schraubenbaum, Schraubenpalme
Hindi:Kewra, Kewda, Pushpa-chamar, Keora, Panshuka
Marathi : Ketaki, Kewda, Kegad
Oriya: Kia, Kiya
Urdu:Kiura, Kevara, Jambala, Jambul, Panshuka, Ketaki

Habitat : Pandanus odoratissimus is widely distributed on the Indo-Malaysian coasts from India and Sri Lanka throughout South-East Asia to Taiwan, the Ryukyu Islands and Micronesia. In has been introduced into tropical Africa where it is occasionally cultivated..
Various species of the genus Pandanus grow in tropical regions of Asia, Australia nad the Pacific; one of those has fragrant leaves used as spice.

It is a small branched, palm-like dioecious tree with a flexuous trunk supported by brace roots. The tree can grow to a height of 4 meters. Leaves grow in clusters at the branch tips, with rosettes of sword-shaped, stiff (leather-like) and spiny bluish-green, fragrant leaves. Leaves are glaucous, 40–70 cm. long. In summer, the tree bears very fragrant flowers, used as perfume. In Yemen, they are predominantly found alongside flowing streams in the western escarpment foothills; Most common in high rainfall areas. The fragrant male flowers are wrapped in leaves and sold on roadsides and in markets. Only male plants seem to occur in Yemen. Some suggest that it was introduced into Yemen from India where its flowers are used chiefly to make perfume.


The tree is propagated vegetatively, by the offshoots of young plants that grow around the base of the trunk, but may also be increased by seed. If by the former method, the offsets should be cut off and set in sand, at a temperature of 65° or 70°. The cuttings root slowly and the plants for a time make very slow growth. The general cultural treatment is that of palms. Trees require an abundance of water in summer.

An aromatic oil (kevda oil) and fragrant distillate (otto) called keorra-ka-arak are extracted from the male flowers. They are almost exclusively used in the form of a watery distillate called kewra water. Flowers have a sweet, perfumed odor that has a pleasant quality similar to rose flowers, although kewra is considered more fruity. The distillate (kewra water, pandanus flower water) is quite diluted- it can be used by the teaspoon, often even by the tablespoon.

Used plant part: Male flowers. They are almost exclusively used in the form of an aqueous distillate called kewra water.

Pandanus odoratissimus is used in living fences, coastal windbreaks, and it is planted for soil stabilization and as an ornamental. In Asia the roots are used for the treatment of skin diseases, ulcers, dyspepsia, diabetes, fever and leprosy, and they are also considered antipyretic, expectorant and diuretic.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Pandan!
*TREATING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. The first health benefit of pandan leaves is for treating the people with high blood pressure. …

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