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Begonia palmata

Botanical Name: Begonia palmata
Family: Begoniaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Cucurbitales
Genus: Begonia
Species:B. palmata

Other Names: Palmate begonia, Palmated elephant’s ear

Begonia palmata is native to east . Asia – south and east China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam. It grows in evergreen broad-leaved forests, scrubby vegetation, by streams or on slopes in valleys, on rocks in moist environments by streams; at elevations from 100 – 3,200 metres.

Begonia palmata is a perennial ever green plant with erect, branched stems growing from an elongate rhizome up to 21mm in diameter; it can grow 20 – 90cm tall. It is a variable, borderline hardy. It has bright green leaves divided into narrowly lance-shaped, toothed lobes or leaflets and small, light pink flowers from late spring into autumn.


Begonia palmata is found from the warm temperate zone of southern China to the tropical region of southeast Asia, growing at elevations up to 3,200 metres.
Requires a well-drained soil. Plants do not require high light intensities. Prefers a pH between 6 and 7.

Seed – surface sow in a greenhouse and keep the compost moist in a light position. The seed can be very slow to germinate, sometimes taking a year or more. When they are large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and grow them on in the greenhouse for at least their first winter. Plant them out into their permanent positions in late spring or early summer, after the last expected frosts

Edible Uses: Leaves – cooked ans eaten..

Medicinal Uses:
The roots are antiphlogistic and astringent. They stimulate blood circulation. A decoction is used in the treatment of haematemesis, amenorrhoea and traumatic stagnant blood collection.

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