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Aster thomsonii

Botanical Name: Aster thomsonii
Family : Asteraceae.
Subfamily: Asteroideae
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Asterales
Tribe: Astereae
Subtribe: Asterinae
Genus: Aster

*Asteromoea Blume
*Bellidastrum Scop.
*Bellidiaster Dumort.
*Borkonstia Ignatov
*Brachyaster Ambrosi
*Chlamydites J.R.Drumm.
*Gymnaster Kitam.
*Hersilea Klotzsch

Aster thomsonii is a clump-forming perennial flowering plant,. It grows up to 1m tall, with oval, toothed narrow leaves, up to 10cm long, on hairy stems and solitary or clustered, daisy-like flowers. Flowerheads, up to 5cm across, comprising lavender-blue rays and a central yellow disk, are held on slender branches from late summer into autumn.


Grows best in full sun in a well-drained, alkaline soil with moisture in the spring and summer

Propagate by division.

Mediciinal Uses:
The European uses of Aster were confirmed by Native American Medicine Tradition in the Americas, as well. According to Jim McDonald, Native American peoples used the whole plant as a medicine for body and Spirit, including Aster in traditional smoking blends and blends for the Sweat Lodge.

Other Uses: Flower gardeners like to grow this in their garden.

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