Simple yoga for low back pain

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In todays News paper I found someone wrote that a great percentage of urban population of the world are suffering from low back pain.I thought I should write the process of a very simple Yoga exercise which if someone wishes can try and from my experience I can say that he or she will definitely get some relief from back pain without taking any pain killer.

It is preferable that this exercise should be done at least once daily in empty stomach. Minimum 4 to 5 hours after a meal.

1. Lie down straight on your back on the carpeted floor and relax for 20 second,( both the hands touching the ground and relaxed.)

2.Lift the left leg only as much as you can, rotate it from left to right for 5 to 6 times and bring it back to previous position. take 10 second rest. Then lift it again and rotate it from right to left for 5 to 6 times again and come back to the same position and take again 10 second rest.

3.The same way you now lift the right leg only and rotate on both ways as you have done for your left leg and take rest as usual

4.Now, lift both the legs as much as you can and rotate 5 to 6 times from right to left and left to right as you have done earlier.(both the legs should touch each other and should remain straight and the waist should always be touching the ground and in each operation 10 second rest is must)
Breath normally at the time of performing the exercise. On completion take little rest and drink a glass of fresh water.


YOGA POINT – Cleansing Process or Shudhikriyas

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YOGA POINT – Cleansing Process or Shudhikriyas
Dhouti is a word made up of Sanskrit verb “Dhoo” which means to wash. The process of such cleaning is Dhouti Kriya. However, even if this kriya is termed as Dhouti kriya, there is no actual process of washing involved. In this process, swift movements of the stomach are expected. The word Agni used here refers to the fire in the form of internal digestive juices.

Digestive juices.