Healthy and neutritious diet

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Eating right and being healthy are major concerns for many people in today’s society.
Healthy and neutritious diet is essential for maintaining good physic.But in developed countries overweight and obesity is a very big problem.One must be very much careful about his or her eating habit.Keeping the stomach empty for a long time and then eating too much is a very bad habit.According to me every adult should eat three to four times a day and the diet must have all the possible nutrients in it and lots of fiber.Basically we must eat what is called “BALANCED DIET”

We should always be cautious that we eat as much calories as we burn through the physical work that we do or exercise.Otherwise, either we loose wieght or gain. I feel both are bad for maintaining good health.This web page will be useful for those who wants to eat nutritious diet for maintaining good health.


Mental concentration

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The defenition of mental concentration is perhaps focussing someone’s thinking on a particular subject without distraction. A normal sensable man’s mind always distracted in different thoughts. It is like throwing a basketful of marbles from a hill top on to a hard floor and through concentration we are to collect those widly scattered marble like thoughts into a basket.

.Now, different people’s concentration power is different. But by practice through Meditation one can improve this power a lot.This helps a lot to students particularly.It will help them in memorising and representation.To learn more about this one can visit this websight.


Miracle of vegetation

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When I was young, perhaps during 1955 or 1956 I used to read an article of Dr.Annoda kishore Munsi named “vesoj theka velki” means miracles in vegetation in ” Desh Patrika”, the then most popular fort- nightly bengali magazine in west bengal.At present I donot remember much but this I remember that his main emphasis was “in ancient times how people used to get well from sickness just by eating diffent kinds of juice from different herbs” Herbal medicine was then the only medicine. Still today, in many places in the third world vilage people use only herbal medicine to get rid of several types of diseases.Now a days in developed countries as well herbal medicines are getting popular day by day.Particularly, those who are manufacturing creams,and medicines for beautification ,they depend too much on herbal product.

In my openion if extensive research is done on vegetation, a day will come when man will find cure of most of the diseases through herbal medicines.THERE IS NOT A SINGLE PLANT ON EARTH WHICH DOES NOT HAVE MEDICINAL VALUE…….only we are to find out.This page may be helpful for those who want to know about herbal medicines .

Healthy Tips

Drinking water

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Drink plenty of fresh water daily and remain healthy.Some people say they drink lots of liquid in form of fruit juice or milk,cokes etc. and then why they need to drink water again.Yes, even then you need to drink fresh water , as because fresh water contains certain minerals which other doesnot and these minerals are essential for the proper nourishment of our body. Secondly, fresh water flushes our kidny much quickly and passout all harmful ingreadents as urin. ....CLICK & SEE

This page may be helpful to learn more .

Featured Healthy Tips

Colon cleansing

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All sick people have bowel trouble, wheather they know it or not. Without getting the bowel back to proper functioning, all the therapies,treatments,suppliments or otheraids fall far short of their potential good. Proper bowel functioning is an essential precondition for staying healthy, if ill , to overcome sickness. and diseas .

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg,famous sergeon and the father of Kellog’s Corn. Flakes, believed that the bowel could be the origin of most health problems, hence his creation of bran cerial to aid in colon functioning.He maintained that 90% diseas are due to improper functioning of colon.

Even the busiest person of the world should defenitely have a proper and in time toitel habit and must be verymuch careful that everyday his bowel is properly cleaned.

I myself believe that for any kind of stomac disease like this YOGA AND AYURBEDIC medicine is the best solution.

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