Raised Padmasana(Yoga Exercise)

Pose &Posture : In this Exercise the whole body in Padmasana is lifted up with the help of the hands, and therefore it can be called Raised Padmasana. The whole body weight is on both the hands.
Technique of doing the exercise:


Pre position : Padmasana Position.

1. Sit for few seconds in Padmasana position and then keep the hands beside the waist as in the sitting position as shown in the 2nd. picture.
2. Exhale, and inhailing, lift the whole body with the help of the hands and stabilize this position keeping the breathing smooth.

Position : While lifting the Padmasana, do not allow the knees to come down. It is very important to stabilize this Asana. In order to maintain the balance, keep the shoulders slightly backward. Keep the eye sight ahead and fixed.

1. Inhale, and exhaling, get the body on the floor slowly.
2. Keep both the hands on the knees and restore Dhyan Mudra.

Duration : Since the whole weight comes on the hands and further it is to be balanced on the hands, this Asana should be maintained for thirty seconds or so. There is no point in increasing duration.

Benefits: In addition to the advantages of Padmasana it has good effect on the intestines and the muscles of the body by having good pressure on them.

Precaution : While lifting the body on the hands, one may lose balance and fall backward; so one must be careful at this point.

Reference Book:- Yoga Pravesh