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Simple Test to Spot Heart Risks

The use of common and readily available screening test called the ankle brachial index (ABI) could spot people with otherwise  unsuspected heart risks, a new research has shown.

Information was analyzed from the 1999-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey—a cross-sectional survey of 6,292 American men and women ages 40 and older without known history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes or atherosclerotic vascular disease. Researchers found prevalence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in a large population of women and men who were not considered at high risk for cardiovascular disease.

“If novel risk factors are shown to improve risk prediction, they could be very valuable because the prevalence of abnormal values is high in populations not known to have high risk,” said Timothy P Murphy, an interventional radiologist

Sources: The Times Of India

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