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Ginger, Tulsi, Black pepper Keep Flu Away

Afraid of flu and other respiratory aliments which often resemble  swine flu ? Use ginger, tulsi (basil) and black pepper as part of traditional preventive measures suggested by experts of Indian systems of medicine.

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Ginger, tulsi and black pepper keep flu away.
The Jammu and Kashmir government’s department of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) has set up a group of experts to suggest remedies useful in the prevention and treatment of flu-like diseases.

Participating in a workshop here Monday, the group of Ayurveda experts, physicians from local government hospitals as well as private practitioners and from research councils here said that viral epidemics come under the “Vaata Kaphaja Jwara” discipline of Indian system of medicine, a release said.

The ayurveda experts have advised some preventive measures for building immunity and protection from such diseases which are often seen in autumn and spring with seasonal changes and in moderate climate conditions.

“The people should avoid cold food, cold drinks, fruit juices during these seasons. They should use tulsi, ginger and black pepper etc. These can be adopted by normal healthy persons as well as those who have mild cold, cough, body pain etc,” one of the Ayurveda experts said.

“The use of these commonly available, centuries-old and time-tested grandmother’s recipes would keep flu and other respiratory infections away as they build body’s natural resistance against such ailments,” the expert added.

Source: The Times Of India