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Micromeria fruticosa

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Botanical Name : Micromeria fruticosa
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Lamiales
Family: Lamiaceae
Genus: Micromeria
Species: M. fruticosa

Synonyms: Clinopodium fruticosum (L.) Kuntze 1891; Clinopodium serpyllifolium subsp. fruticosum (L.) Bräuchler 2006; Melissa fruticosa L. 1753 [basión.]; Micromeria marifolia (Cav.) Benth. 1834 [nom. illeg.]; Nepeta marifolia Cav. 1800; Satureja fruticosa (L.) Briq.; Satureja marifolia (Cav.) Caruel 1884 [nom. illeg.]; Thymus marifolius (Cav.) Willd. 1809

Common Names : White micromeria or White-leaved Savory,Zuta Levana

Habitat : Native to rocky areas along the coasts of the Mediterranean, especially Israel, Syria, Turkey, Albania, Croatia, Italy, & Spain.Gallilee, Upper Jordan valley, Northern valleys, Gilboa, Carmel, Samarian mountains, Judean mountains, Sharon, Shefela,

Micromeria fruticosa is a dwarf evergreen shrub. It is an aromatic, evergreen rockery perennial with ground covering growth habit. It has opposite, egg shaped grey leaves and small white flowers on its stems. It grows up to 60cm (24″) high and spreads to 60cm (24″) in diameter. It is a member of the genus Micromeria, of the Lamiaceae family. It is known as zuta levana in Hebrew and ashab a-shai  in Arabic.


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Many thin, vertical stems create an airy shrub from 40-70cm. This open habit allows the plant to weave into its neighbors, its gray-green leaves and white to pale pink flowers (in late summer & fall) combining well with many other colors and textures.

Although native to lean soils and rocky areas, it is very adaptable to heavy soils as long as they are not sodden or too rich.

Medicinal Uses:
A tea is claimed to lower high blood pressure. In Turkey, the tea is used to treat stomach ulcers . Halomint is a mixture of dry herbs, with essential oils, for preparing an infusion.  Particularly recommended for treating insomnia, hyperactivity, and stress, chronic digestion difficulties, headaches, muscular pains, indigestion and excessive blood pressure. Contains chamomile, passion fruit, verbena, zuta levana, marjoram, Melissa and orange.  It enhances parasympathetic activity and induces sleep. Usage instructions:  Pour boiling water on the mixture, wait two minutes, filter and drink.  The tea may be sweetened.

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