Why We Never Forget How to Ride a Bicycle

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Ever wondered why we don’t forget how to ride a bike? Well, researchers from the University of Aberdeen claim to have found an answer to the¬† question.
Lead researcher Dr Peer Wulff has discovered a key nerve cell in the cerebellum section of the brain that controls skills such as riding a bicycle, skiing, or even eating with chopsticks, reports the Daily Express.

This nerve cell monitors electrical signals that leave the cerebellum and transform them for storage in other parts of the brain.

The “gatekeeper” cell helps brain to remember newly learnt coordination skills.

The researchers hope that the new discovery could pave way for creating artificial devices to mimic normal brain functions and benefit those who have suffered brain disorders.

Source: The Times Of India

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New Yorkers Try Facial Yoga


 Botox and plastic surgery may promise to reduce wrinkles and worry lines, but some New Yorkers are turning to facial yoga to achieve a youthful appearance.

At a recent class in Manhattan’s wealthy Upper East Side, yoga instructor Annelise Hagen teaches several facial exercises designed to stretch and tone facial muscles. A group of women practice moves including “The Lion,” showing the tongue hanging out and eyes rolled up. Hagen encourages class members to hold the position for 60 seconds, joking: “You can do this any time. It really helps you get a seat on the train.”…….CLICK & SEE

Hagen recently released a book, The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift. She said she developed a workshop using facial yoga because women wanted to look their best, “but they weren’t really thinking about how to exercise their facial muscles.”

She said facial muscles become weak and flabby and need regular workouts and circulation to reduce wrinkles.
Besides “The Lion”, other exercises include “Satchmo,” in which the cheeks are blown out Louis Armstrong-style, and “Marilyn,” in which glamorous kisses are blown to strengthen mouth muscles for full and firm lips.

“It uses the same principles of exercise you would use for any other parts of your body,” Hagen said. “Facial muscles also become more toned, so it is a natural way of getting a lift.”

Hagen recommends facial yoga for those wanting to find outer and inner beauty, saying, “the emotional aspect is just as important as the physiological.”

But she does not rule out plastic surgery or Botox. “I don’t rule it out for myself. But regardless, maintaining elasticity and tone is really crucial, especially if you have had Botox,” she said.

Source: The Times Of India



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Most people follow three paths to good health DOCTOR,DIET and EXERCISE. Some times normal people who decides to respond to health alert tend to go to overboard on neutrition and adopt the wrong exercise.

Rather than exortic neutrents,normal human being needs a diet consisting mainly of grains,fruits,and vegetables with reduced amount of meat and cheese. Rather than weightlifting, TV “aerobics” and so on.. We actually need true arobic exercise that help to strengthen the heart, such as fast walking,cycling,swmming,jogging etc.

I believe byclicing has several extra advantagse over the other exercises:-

A. Cycling exercises the heart better than walking without the pounding of jogging.

B. One can ride bicycle almost all the places,at any time of the year, and at a low cost.

C.A very little or no time has to be lost , as bike travel can be used to go to work,performe errands , or enjoy the out doors.(when the weather condition is favourable)
D.Commuting by bike reduces POLLUTION (which is today’s great concern )that causes several diseases like asthma,bronchitis etc.A commuting cyclist is also less exposed to air pollution than a commuting motorist.(ofcourse, one can do it as and when it is possible to do)

On the down side, cycling does involve some risk of injury which has been greatly exaggerated by fearmongers. Cycling actually has similar risks to traveling by automobile.


Children and teen agers enjoy riding bycycle. Every parent should encourage them to learn bycycle riding.

Between the ages of five and eight is the most popular time for kids to learn how to ride a bicycle. Make it the most popular time to learn safe riding skills, too.

At the time of teaching kids how to ride bycycle ,certain steps to taken care of.

Here are the steps:

  • First, teach them the four rules to avoid fatal crashes!
  • :1.Never ride out into the street without stopping first. 2. Always obay stop signs. 3.Check always before turing. 4. Never follow another rider without applying the rules.
  • Then, teach them to wear a helmet,
  • Then, help them learn to balance and ride according to the rules.

Many parents begin and end with teaching balance. But step one is the most important: teaching your child how to avoid the situations that produce hundreds of dead children every year. And you probably are aware already that a helmet is essential when they make a mistake. Teaching them to balance is the easiest part for most kids. Then you have to practice the basic safety rules in actual riding. It can take you an extra couple of hours, but the result is well worth the effort!

Now The Fun Part: Time to Ride and Practice the Rules

Start with a helmet, gloves to protect the skin on their hands and perhaps even skaters’ knee and elbow pads for the first rides. Adjust the bicycle for your child and be sure they can reach pedals, bars and brakes comfortably.Brakes first! Show your kid how to stop the bike. Hold them up and gently move them forward as they use the brakes to stop until you are sure they know how.

Balance: Run alongside the bike, holding it up by the seat with one hand on the handlebars to show how you turn them to keep the bike upright.

Riding: Nobody learns without practice. Riding with your child is probably the best way to practice the rules. Go over the rules, then ride, stopping occasionally to review what they have just done and praise their good performance,never shout much for little mistake,rather encourage for rectification. Notice that if they are behind you, your rule about not following automatically will be severely challenged, even if you ride through a red light or directly into the path of a car! As with almost any other skill, practice is required to ingrain techniques. More than one session will be needed. But the result is worth your time