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Polygonum erectum

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Botanical Name :Polygonum erectum
Family: Polygonaceae
Genus:     Polygonum
Species: P. erectum
Kingdom: Plantae
Order:     Caryophyllales

Synonym:  Erect Knotgrass.

Common Name:  Erect Knotweed

Habitat:Polygonum erectum is  native Americans as part of the group of crops known as the Eastern Agricultural Complex.(British America, and Western and Middle States.)

Polygonum erectum is a perennial plant.It grows 10 to 50-(75) cm tall with many to few, non wiry branches.Leaves are smooth, broadly obvate, rather obtuse- 1 to 2 inches long – and about half as broad – either sessile or petiolate. The leaves have distinct veins and entire edges or have jagged cut edges. The pedicels are shorter or equal the length of the calyx and typically longer than the ocreae. Flowers bloom June to September in bunches at axils of the leaves.The closed flowers have a calyx that is typically 3 mm long, green in color and 5-lobed. Flowers in clusters of 1 to 5 in cymes that are produced in the axils of most leaves. The calyx segments are unequal with the outer lobes longer and not keeled and the inner ones narrowly keeled. The tepals are greenish, with yellowish tinting or sometimes with whitish tints. The seeds are produced in fruits called achenes that can be of two different types; one type is dark brown in color with a shiny surface and is broadly ovoid in shape, typically 2.5 mm long. The other achene type is dull brown in color, exsert and ovoid in shape, and 3–3.5 mm long. Late season fruiting is uncommon and if produced the achenes are 4 to 5 mm long .


Medicinal Uses:
Polygonum erectum is highly astringent as an infusion or decoction; useful in diarrhcea as an injection and in children’s summer complaints; also as a good gargle and a valuable remedy for inflammatory diseases of the tissues.

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