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Senecio viscosus

Botanical Name: Senecio viscosus
Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Senecio
Species: S. viscosus
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Asterales

Synonym: Stinking Groundsel.

Common Name: Sticky Groundsel, Sticky ragwort

Habitat : Senecio viscosus occurs in Europe, including Britain, south and east from Scandanavia to Spain and W. Asia. It grows on dry banks of ditches, dry waste ground, railway banks and tracks, sea shores.

Senecio viscosus is an annual herb, growing to 0.4 m (1ft 4in). It is in flower from Jul to September, and the seeds ripen from Aug to September. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Bees, flies.The plant is self-fertile.


Leaf type:leaves are simple (lobed or unlobed but not separated into leaflets)
Leaf arrangement: alternate: there is one leaf per node along the stem
Leaf blade edges: the edge of the leaf blade has lobes, or it has both teeth and lobes
the edge of the leaf blade has teeth
Flower type in flower heads : the flower head has ray flowers only, meaning all of the individual flowers of the flower head have a strap-shaped ray, which may or may not have teeth at the very tip of the ray
Ray flower color: orange, yellow
Tuft or plume on fruit: at least a part of the plume is made up of fine bristles
Spines on plant: the plant has no spines
Leaf blade length: 200–700 mm
Flower head width: 7–15 mm

Propagation : Seed – sow spring in situ.

Medicinal Uses:
Carminative; Emetic.[amazon_link asins=’B008X8MTBE’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’finmeacur-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b164377f-a8a3-11e7-a834-3b8c5e480ac9′]

The leaves are carminative and emetic

Known Hazards: All parts of the plant are poisonous to many mammals, including humans. The toxin affects the liver and has a cumulative affect[9, 65]. Some mammals, such as rabbits, do not seem to be harmed by the plant, and will often seek it out[4]. Various birds also eat the leaves and seeds.

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