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Blazing Star

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Botanical Name : Mentzelia albicaulis
Family: Loasaceae
Genus: Mentzelia
Species: M.
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Cornales

Common Names :Blazing Star,Whitestem blazing star, Small flowered blazing star, White stemmed stickleaf

Habitat : Blazing Star is native to much of western North America, where it grows in mountain, desert, and plateau habitat.

Blazing Star is an annual herb producing a stem up to 42 centimeters long, sometimes growing erect. The leaves are up to 11 centimeters long in the basal rosette, divided into even comblike lobes, and smaller farther up on the plant. The flower has five shiny yellow petals 2 to 7 millimeters long each. The fruit is a narrow, straight or curving utricle 1 to 3 centimeters long. It contains many angular seeds covered in tiny bumps.
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Medicinal Uses:
A poultice of the crushed, soaked seeds has been applied to burns and also to relieve the pain of toothache. Used as a poultice and hot herb bath for arthritis and sprained or inflamed joints. Also used as a diuretic.  Simple tea as needed or for bathing

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