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Carya tomentosa

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Botanical Name ; Carya tomentosa
Family: Juglandaceae
Genus: Carya
Species: C. tomentosa
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Fagales

Synonyms: Hicoria tomentosa, Juglans alba L. p. p., [Kartesz lists this species as C. tomentosa, NRCS calls it C. alba]

Common Names:Mockernut hickory, mockernut, white hickory, whiteheart hickory, hognut, bullnut

Habitat :Carya tomentosa is native to about the eastern 1/2 of the United States. Grows in oak-hickory and oak-pine forests

Tree to 20 m (60 ft) tall and 50 cm (18 in) diameter, with rounded crown. Bark hard and gray, becoming irregularly furrowed into narrow forking ridges on older trunks and branches. Twigs thick, brown,hairy, with large half-round leaf scars. The single terminal bud is usually very large, and is covered by overlapping gray-hairy scales. Leaves alternate, pinnately compound, 20-50 cm (8-20 in) long, with a hairy rachis. Leaflets 7 or 9, elliptical or lanceolate, 5-20 cm (2-8 in) long, acuminate, finely serrate, shiny dark green above, paler and densely hairy below, usually gland-dotted and aromatic. Flowers catkins appearing in the early Spring. Fruits elliptical or pear-shaped, 4-5 cm (1.6-2 in) long, with a thick husk splitting to release a single large thick-shelled edible seed.

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Medicinal Uses:
The inner bark has been used as a dressing for cuts and has also been chewed to treat sore mouths.

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