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New Treatment For Back And Neck Pain

 A centre for the treatment of back and neck pain here has introduced a new ‘painless treatment without surgery and spinal injection’.

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Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, Dr Sasikumar, Physical Medicine Consultant at the Kumar International Back Pain Centre said this treatment was expected to boost medical tourism as the cost here would be around one-fifth compared to western countries.

The modern medical treatment being introduced here is for the treatment of back ailments specially for people suffering from disc-related problems, he said adding “the uniqueness of this painless treatment is that it is done without surgery and spinal injection”.

Latest advancements in physical medicine for the management of back and neck pain including IDD Therapay (USA), Electroceutical therapy (Germany), Class 4 laser (Italy) are combined with specific exercises and yoga and are brought under one roof for the first time in India, he said.

Former Medical Director of NMC Hospital, Dubai, Dr Sasikumar said this treatment has been 80 to 85 per cent effective in reducing pain from disc prolapse and spondylitis.

On the treatment, he said IDD machine distract precisely the affected disc thereby reducing the pressure and pain of nerves travelling to the arms and legs. Class 4 laser delivers energy and rejuvenates the damaged tissues and nerves.

While electroceutical tone signalling device that produces small pricking currents helps to relieve long standing pain due to blocking, he said.

He said plans are there to open similar non-surgical back and neck pain centres in other parts of Kerala, metro cities and also in Gulf countries.

Source:The Times Of India