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Eupatorium odoratum

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Botanical Name : Chromolaena odorata/ Eupatorium odoratum
Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Chromolaena
Species: C. odorata
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Asterales

Common Names :Jack  in the Bush,Siam Weed, Christmas Bush, and Common Floss Flower.

Habitat :. Chromolaena odorata is native to North America, from Florida and Texas to Mexico and the Caribbean, and has been introduced to tropical Asia, west Africa, and parts of Australia.

Aromatic shrub; covered in fine grey hairs; stems rounded; blades ovate to diamond shaped, 5-15cm long, acuminate, with yellow dots below; flowers pale mauve or violet.

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.It is sometimes grown as a medicinal and ornamental plant.

It was earlier taxonomically classified under the genus Eupatorium, but is now considered more closely related to other genera in the tribe Eupatorieae.

Chromolaena odorata is considered invasive weed of field crops in its introduced range, and has been reported to be the most problematic invasive species within protected rainforests in Africa

Medicinal Uses:
It is used as a traditional medicine in Indonesia. The young leaves are crushed, and the resulting liquid can be used to treat skin wounds.

The leaves of the herb are used as tea to break up  the common cold  and  for intermittent  fevers and influenza. It is also a tonic and stimulant.For bronchitis of chindren  it is given with milk.
Toxicity :Chromolaena odorata contains carcinogenic pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

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