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Anti-Aging the Natural Way

Americans go to great lengths to reduce the signs of aging. But risky surgeries and synthetic injections are not the answer. What is? Good old-fashioned exercise.

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A recent study in PLoS One evaluated the effects of six months of strength
training in volunteers aged 65 or older. Researchers compared thigh-muscle cells
from the seniors with cells from volunteers in their 20s. At the end of the
six-month period, researchers discovered not only a 50 percent increase in
strength and higher energy in the seniors, but also dramatic changes at the
genetic level.

It doesn’t take working out five days a week to get these results. The seniors
performed one hour of strength training twice a week for six months, completing
three sets of 10 repetitions for each muscle group on typical gym equipment. At
the start of the study, researchers noted significant differences between older
and younger participants in 600 genes. After six months of training, exercise
had changed a third of those genes, most of which affected the process of
turning nutrients into energy.

So, next time you look in the mirror and ponder the latest anti-aging treatment, remember this: An exercise regimen at any age can improve your strength and appearance, sure – but it also can keep you young and healthy all the way down to a cellular level. Now that’s deep cleansing.

Yoga exercise with Pranayama   is the best  way to keep some one young and fit till old age

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Soap For Your Skin Type

How to choose the right soap for different skin types.
Are soaps with high pH level harmful?
The skin’s pH level is a major factor contributing to skin problems. The normal pH is slightly acidic, maintained between 4.5 and 5.5, a level at which bacteria like the propionibacterium acnes on the skin surface have minimal activity.
However, any change in alkaline pH levels causes infection. Ordinary commercial soaps have pH levels between nine to 11, which increases the skin pH level leading to problems.

How is one soap different from the other?
The original objective of soap still remains to keep skin dirt and germ free. But in recent years, there has been a plethora of soap brands in the market.
Though most soap brands use the same fundamental ingredients consisting of a fat and an alkali, the basic formula is modified to create thousands of products .
Some soaps help to moisturise dry skin, others aid in maintaining oily skin, and there are some that are designed to make bath time pleasurable .

How can one choose the right soap to suit their skin type?
People with dry skin hardly have any secretion of natural skin oils and should opt for superfatted and emollientrich soaps like Dove or Olay.
Natural soaps that contain aloe vera, cocoa butter, avocado or vegetable oils are best for dry skin. On the other hand, people with oily skin should use antibacterial soaps or specific face cleansers.
Soaps containing lavender, chamomile and thyme are very effective for oily skin. Glycerin-based soaps like Pears suits people with a combination skin type.

Are medicated soaps good for the skin?
Medicated soaps are specially designed to prevent and treat skin infections. These soaps contain antiseptic agents which can clean, disinfect and deodorise the skin.
Medicated soaps that contain sulphur or salicylic acid are usually recommended for widespread fungal infections. Certain soaps with exfoliating properties are prescribed for skin problems like acne and pigmentation .
Other soaps with Vitamin E, jojoba oil are good for dry skin diseases like ichthyosis, eczema and psoriasis. The right soap and a right skin care regimen helps prevent skin problems.

Source:The Times Of India

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Herbal Beauty & Body Care

Foods for Healthy Skin And Flawless Complexion

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Revitalize Your Skin Without Chemicals or Plastic Surgery:

Aging is a fact of life. While many people try harsh chemical peels, exfoliants and costly plastic surgeries to reclaim their youth, walk no farther than your kitchen to achieve a radiant complexion naturally using ancient Chinese food therapy.

Let us face that Aging is a Fact of Life.

While you can always try harsh chemical peels and a host of costly and risky plastic surgeries to revitalize your skin, look no further than your local market to find effective, natural ways to achieve a flawless complexion.

Just as Chinese herbs promote health, beauty, healing and rejuvenation for our face and body, Chinese texts laud the healing and beautifying effects of many foods. Food therapy can be a powerful tool for smoothing wrinkles and diminishing those dark eye circles, bags and facial discolorations.

Many foods and vegetables provide far more than essential nutrients, though. In fact, most can be used directly as healing agents. The distinction between staple foods, vegetables, spices, herbs and drugs are often rather arbitrary.

Food therapy for facial complexion adheres to the basic tenet of Chinese medical philosophy, which holds that external beauty is a mirror reflecting internal health. These foods help address the internal imbalances that result in a spotted or discolored complexion. Of course, their beneficial effect is gradual but without any side effect, and for best results, any food therapy program should go hand in hand with other natural complexion treatments  such as herbs, acupuncture, and acupressure. and regular systematic YOGA Exercise .

Here are some of the best foods the Chinese associate with a spotless and radiant complexion:

Chinese Name: Yi Yi Ren

This wonderful barley-like grain, when eaten as food, can help the body clear up discoloration of the facial complexion. It is also a very effective strengthener of the digestive system.

To find and prepare coix seed: Cook it in soup as you would with other beans and barley, or boil it into tea (15 g) and drink it all day.

Chinese Name: Sang Shen Zi

These fruits of the mulberry tree contain beneficial antioxidants, help overcome weakness, and brighten a withered-looking complexion. They also are beneficial for clearing dark spots from the face.

To find and prepare mulberry fruit: Mulberry fruit is available in food markets and can be eaten as you would any berry. You also can buy fresh mulberry juice and drink it, or use it in your cooking.

Chinese Name: Bai Luo Be

This is a fairly common turnip, often called daikon, which offers plenty of medicinal benefits. It detoxifies the skin and has a beneficial effect on the complexion when eaten regularly.

To find and prepare white turnip: It can be found in most regular food markets. Clean and cut it into small pieces, and then cook it with your regular soup. You also can shred and prepare it as a salad. For facial discoloration, juice white turnip every morning and drink about half a cup.

Chinese Name: Si Gua

This common Chinese vegetable rejuvenates the skin and is used by the Chinese for facial discoloration and wrinkle conditions. It also is commonly processed for use as a bath sponge, to exfoliate and polish the skin.

To find and prepare luffa: You easily can grow these zucchini-like vegetables yourself if you have the space. You also should be able to find them at Chinese markets. Prepare them as you would any squash. It also makes an excellent topical mask for dealing with wrinkles, dark spots and uneven facial discoloration. The best way to collect the juice is to cut the vein and let the liquid drip into a jar, and then apply it topically to the face while fresh.

Food therapy, as effective as the other traditional Chinese medicine techniques in a facial rejuvenation program, is a powerful tool for smoothing wrinkles and diminishing those dark eye circles, bags and facial discolorations.

Chinese Name: Shi Zi

Persimmon has been known for centuries to cool the body, nourish the lungs and moisten the skin   all actions that improve facial complexion.

To find and prepare persimmon: You may find two different kinds of persimmons. The Chinese version is sometimes called kaki. Both the Chinese and the American persimmons are great for complexion. Eat them raw as fruit, but make sure they are very ripe. Dried persimmons are a special treat that can be found in Chinese markets. Another way to use persimmon to brighten the complexion is by applying the fresh peel to the face

Chinese Name: Bai Gou

The health benefits of ginkgo leaf extract have been widely recognized in the West. Much modern research indicates that the antioxidant plant chemicals in ginkgo benefit blood flow and might even slow memory loss. Not many are aware that in Chinese medicine, the nut of the ginkgo tree is more often used medicinally. Ginkgo nut is used herbally, but the whole nuts themselves, often roasted, are a traditional Chinese food that nourishes lung energy and calms wheezing. The best way to use ginkgo to clear the complexion is topical application.

To find and prepare ginkgo nut: It is available in Chinese markets. Crush the fresh nuts into a paste and apply directly to the face.

Chinese Name: Dong Gua
This gourd vegetable and its seeds are very popular in China, especially as a soup. It benefits the heart, detoxifies the body and beautifies the skin. Whether eaten as a food or taken in herb form, winter melon can improve a variety of complexion problems.

To find and prepare winter melon: You can find it in Asian markets or even in Western-style organic food stores. It is also called wax gourd or white gourd. Eat it as you would any melon, peeling off the outer skin. Remove the seeds and pulp, cut it into small pieces, and put in soup or saute with garlic. For topical skin beauty use, take a small piece, including the juice, and apply the liquid directly to your face as a skin brightener.

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Herbal Care

Complexion Lotions/Sunscreen Lotions For All Skins

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Every woman wants to look fair and charming.Home made complexion lotions not only improve the colour of your skin but also protect it from the harmful effect of the sun by providing a screen between the skin and the sun rays.Therefore they may be called sunscreen lotions. You may try any one of the following to look you prettier than before and keep your skin safe from the sun.

Lime Completion Lotion:
Lime Flower…………25 gms.
Distilled Water…….250 ml
Sodium Benzoate……..1/4 tsp

Put the lime flowers in the boiling water for an hour. Strain and let the mixture cool. Add sodium benzoate to it.This is a very good complexion lotion and for better results you may add equal part of rose water to it. Keep it under refrigeration and use it with the help of cotton buds.

Lavender Complexion Lotion:
Borax Powder…………1tsp.
Rose Water……………1 cup.
Olive Oil ……………2 tsp.
Lavender Extract……..1/2 cup.

Mix borax powder in rose water and add boiling olive oil to the mixture. Keep starring, when cool add lavender extract too.It can be kept under refrigeration for more than 2 months.

Almond Complexion Lotion:
Almond Oil………………1 tbsp.
Cucumber/Carrot Juice…….1 tsp.
Glycerine……………….2 tsp.
Liquid Paraffin………….1 tsp.
Extract Of Cornflower…….1 tsp.

Heat the almond oil and paraffin togather and add all other ingredients to it. Shake it well, apply it and let it remain till it dries.Rinse off with water proceded by washing with lukeworm water.It leaves the skin looking fairer and smoother.

Sesame Complex Lotion:
Sesameme oil ……………… 40 ml.
Olive Oil……………………10 ml.
Almond Oil ………………….10 ml.

Mix all the oil togather and apply it on the face and neck.It is an exclusive tonic to protect the skin from scroching heat of sun and is a very effective measure to get rid of suntanning.

Brook Lime Complexion Lotion:

Leaves/Stems of Brook Lime………….50 gms.
Distilled Water…………………..500 ml.
Sodium Benzoate…………………..1/2 tsp.

Boil the water and put the brook lime leaves/stems in it. Leave it for an hour. Strain and let it cool.Now mix sodium benzoate in it.Apply it on the face and neck with cotton.It removes the spots and blackheads. It can be kept under refrigeration for more than 2 months.
Witch Hazel Complexion Lotion:
Borax Powder……………………..15 gms.
Distilled Water………………….500 ml.
Alcohol…………………………..1 cup.
Witch Hazel extract………………..1/2 cup.

Dissolve the borax powder in water over a low flame.Let it cool and then stir with rest of the ingredients. Pour the mixture into an airtight bottle and keep under refrigeration.

From:Herbal Beauty & Body Care

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Ailmemts & Remedies

Skin wrinkles

[amazon_link asins=’B01DC6XTYC,1569243832,B00005JTW8,B01M4MCUAF,B005793IEY,B01832E516,B00JH2JS0K,B00BD41F1U,B007MYLM1I’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’finmeacur-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cb50e45a-799a-11e7-a1d2-bfad49fd4a98′]

Skin wrinkles typically appear as a result of aging processes such as glycation or, temporarily, as the result of prolonged (more than a few minutes) immersion in water. Wrinkling in skin is caused by habitual facial expressions, aging, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, and various other factors.

Aging wrinkles
Treatments and products (including anti-aging creams) promising to reduce, remove, or prevent age-related wrinkles are big business in many industrialized countries. Despite great demand, most such products and treatments have not been proven to give lasting or major positive effects. Wrinkle reduction with acetyl hexapeptide3. Non surgical face lift . Anti aging -Concept

Stretching the skin via a face lift will many times remove some wrinkles.

Anti-aging creams are cosmetic products marketed with the promise of making the consumer look younger and reducing visible wrinkles on the skin. Despite great demand, most such products and treatments have not been proven to give lasting or major positive effects.

There are a range of cosmetic treatments for the appearance of wrinkles on the skin such as plastic surgery and botox injections. Advertising sometimes presents anti-aging creams as an alternative to these more costly and invasive cosmetic treatments.

Traditionally, anti-aging creams have been marketed towards women, but products specifically targeting men are increasingly common.

Many anti-wrinkle creams contain some form of retinol (for instance, in the form of retinyl palmitate) which in various formulations has been shown to give a “rejuvenating” appearance to the skin, in that it stimulates the renewal of skin cells and reduces dark spots. Alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids have a peeling effect when used as chemical peels. However, the effects of these compounds likely depend on their concentration and mode of application, making the effects of the commercial products less certain.

Easy Way to Solve Skin Wrinkle Problem:

A fountain of youth may be as close as your kitchen, new study findings suggest. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and unsaturated fats may ward off wrinkles by boosting the skin’s natural defenses against sun damage.

In an international study of eating patterns and skin aging, investigators found that dark and fair-skinned people who ate plenty of wholesome foods but passed on butter, red meat and sugary confections were less prone to wrinkling. Some of the skin-smoothing foods included green leafy vegetables, beans, olive oil, nuts and multigrain breads, researchers reported in The Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Many of the skin-protecting foods the study turned up are rich in antioxidant vitamins, which may fend off environmental damage. More than 400 adults, aged 70 and older, who ate more of the foods that are universally recommended for good health had smoother skin.

The study authors speculate that certain foods offered skin protection due to their high levels of antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E. Monosaturated fats such as olive oil may offer beneficial protection through the same mechanism. Fatty acids are present in the skin, and monosaturated fats resist oxidative damage.

How do you know what fruits and vegetables have high levels of antioxidants? Ask your doctor of chiropractic, or ask that your local grocer post nutritional information about the products that you choose, if they don’t already. For additional information on senior health issues, visit

Ayurvedic Anti Wrinkle & Skin Care
Herbal Remedies for dry skin and wrinkles


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